Monday, September 29, 2008

DOW, what?! And Cookies, yay!

Does anyone in my blog-o-sphere understand what's going on in the stock market?  I know that it is down.  I am assuming that most likely the $15 a paycheck (haha- I am obviously more concerned about rent than retirement!) I put in my 401K is probably all gone now.  Hmmm, I know that at one time I understood the whole Bull/Bear Market and recession thing, but it has since left my list of things I care to think about.  In fact, since moving to Los Angeles, I pretty much steer clear of most news items and try to just focus on the good happenings of those around me.  Might be a tad naive way to live life, but it is how I survive in the city of shootings and knifings and the world of bombings and terrorists.   

Which brings me to my current dilemma... it has recently come to my attention that my bank, the simple Wamu with the free checking, has collapsed and been bought out.  My money is safe of course, so that is not what I am worried about.  It just makes all the words I have been hearing thrown around: "Recession" "Depression" "Market Bailout," stand out more.  I have heard my grandmother's stories of the great depression from her childhood.  I can't imagine our technological world turning into life like that, but what would it turn to be? 

Now on a more fun note:  I am going to be making these REALLY delicious cookies tonight for a cookie contest at work tomorrow.  They are a recipe that Christina sent me of these amazing cookies that she brought to a Project Runway night.  I have never made them, so I am pretty nervous, but I knew that I needed something unique to have a chance.  The reining champion is Beth with her pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Fingers crossed that my Raspberry and Almond Shortbread Cookies turn out well.  And may the best cookie win.

EDIT:  I have added this pic of the final product.  Caleb has the camera with him, so I have to settle for the camera phone pic.  Sorry, poor picture quality, my dark kitchen doesn't help.
They are soooo rich, luckily I could only eat one, so there are plenty left to take to work.


Stevens Family said...

Wow - just the sound of those cookies makes me want some. If it wins will you share the secret recipe? I'm always looking for something new to try!
A sad day for WAMU - We'll probably leave our money in and see how this new bank is...but I think we'll be looking for a credit union soon - we've always liked credit union's better.

Claire said...

Yeah, I didn't take my money out last week with the rumors, because it made me think poor George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life... but we are actually already a member of a credit union through my work, and will probably switch once Caleb gets back.

Tanya said...

I love your george Bailey comment, that is awesome. We didn't take our money out either we will see what happens Bryan can be in a credit union through work too so we may go there if we hate Chase :)

Sarah said...

I have no idea what is going on?! I'm at WAMU too and I didn't even know that all this was happening to them. Huh? I'm so confused! What am I supposed to do?

On a lighter note, I hope you win the cookie contest!

Lisa said...

Did you win the contest? Those cookies do look good! Yum!
I am worried about our economy too Claire. Like you, I have heard Grandma talk so much of the depression and now that word is being spread again like wildfire.
Scary stuff!