Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 year ago...

Sweet Sadie baby is 1 year old today. I almost can't believe how fast this last year went. It's been 6 months since I've posted on this blog and haven't really had the time to keep up with it, but wanted to tonight so I could write my 2nd "milestone letter" to Sadie and am not organized enough to put it on paper in the baby book yet.
In the last 6 months, we've had so many firsts- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day and now finally Sadie's 1st birthday. We did our best to not go overboard, especially since people point out that she won't remember it anyway. But her firsts are also firsts for us, so I want to make them special for us all. We had a little BBQ birthday party with her today. I made too many cupcakes ;) and I made Sadie her own little smash cake to eat. She ate/smashed it all. It was cute and funny. She partied hard as you can see in this picture. :)

Dear Sadie,
You are 1 today. You are a smart, precocious and funny little girl. You love books. I love that you love books. Your daddy and I read many books to you everyday. You point at the pictures and lift the flaps and turn the pages. You love to eat. You love to feed yourself with a spoon or with your fingers. Sometimes that gets very very messy. Just yesterday you dumped a half cup of squash on your head. You still love your green foods. Green beans, spinach, peas- always a hit. You even eat meat too. You love cheesy eggs and your daddy cooks you one almost every morning. You have had chicken and turkey too. You definitely have a sweet tooth, and we let you have small tastes of the sweet things that we eat, because we love you and so we are willing to share. And good thing we are, because when you want to eat something- oh boy, watch out. You have been known to swipe a whole slice of pizza off our plates if we aren't watching close enough. You love to dance. You love music and shaking your little booty to the beat. When you hear a song you smile and you dance. You are standing up all by yourself now. You've been able to do it since you were 10+ months old, but just recently you are getting more brave about it. You took your first steps about a month ago, but last night you walked more all by yourself without us getting you started. I bet it will be just days before you're running all over the place. You can say lots of different words but you definitely know these- Dada, mama, dog, duck, ball, bird. If you hear a dog bark or see a picture of a dog, you'll say "dog". Maybe someday we will have to get you a dog since you love them so much already. You are sleeping much much better now, which makes your daddy and I very happy. Sometimes you still wake up at night, but most of the time you sleep from bedtime all the way until morning. You have two top teeth and 4 teeth on the bottom! You give hugs, you wave bye-bye and you blow kisses at your daddy when it is time to go night night. You are a very loving girl and enjoy playing with other kids, especially your cousin Haven and your friend Jude, who are the two you see the most often. You are very social and will laugh and smile at all the people who talk to you while out and about.
You are still and always will be my sweet baby, but now you are growing into a beautiful little girl. You fit perfectly into our little family and I am so proud to be your mama.
Happy first birthday Sadie B. Your first year was filled with love and health and fun and many happy memories. I wish you many many many more to come.
I love you forever and always,