Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seasonal Cleaning

(I am posting this topic as motivation to myself to actually go through with this idea) 

Having moved 7 times since high school 8 years ago... I am no stranger to renting.  I have rented houses and apartments of all shapes and sizes.  When you rent and are moving out, you have to CLEAN that place in order to get your whole deposit back.  The last few times we moved, I found myself irritated that I was cleaning my house for someone else, and not getting to enjoy that deep clean during my year there.  (Not that we're nasty dirty, just that we don't think about cleaning inside the stove or under the fridge very often)  Since we've been in our current apartment for over 2 years now, I came up with the idea to clean every time the season changes.  4 times a year. Inside the stove, under the fridge, etc.  That way we can enjoy the deep clean after we do it, and when we finally do move out, it hopefully won't be as big of a chore.
The first day of Fall this year starts on Monday.  (PS- yay for Fall! I am so bored of my summer clothes and can't wait to break out the stuff I've all but forgotten about)   With Caleb being gone, this time it will all fall on me, which is a little fair since it was my idea, and I could've just thought of something else.  But the task seems daunting.  I think I'll start in the living room.  This is my "check" system.  When I've actually accomplished a room, I'll probably post it up here.  If there is nothing posted, you all will know that I just gave up. haha!  That is my motivation to stick with it.

Quick update on "Caleb's band":  They are headed to Portland, OR tonight.  They played last night in Arcata, CA (north of Eureka) and did really well.  People are receiving them well, and they are selling quite a few tshirts, records and cds each night.  If they continue at this pace, they may sell out of their merch before the end of the tour!


beth said...

This is when you buy yourself some sort of motivating cleaning product or something. Look on my blog on my "Clean Green" post for a few of my favorites. I swear the only thing that makes me clean is loving the products I use and that they make my apt. smell all yummy. Otherwise, I hate cleaning. And I never clean my stove or under my fridge. Ugh.

Sarah said...

Claire, that is awesome about Kaleb's band doing so well. That's great news that their merchandise is selling out so quickly. And I'm very impressed with your desire to deep clean. I can barely make myself mop the kitchen floor or clean the bathroom unless I know someone is coming over. That just made me sound really dirty and gross! Anyway, you're right, now that it's on your blog, you are accountable and we'll have to ask you if you're doing it! Good luck with the living room!

Thomas said...

Aunt Claire,
When you are finished if you could please come clean my house also I would really appreciate it!