Sunday, July 26, 2009

Travel Story

It seems like my journeys to meet up with Caleb on tour are always blogworthy. If you've forgotten May's excursion in the brown limo, you can find it here.

A little background info before the story- I worked late Friday night, got home around 9:45, ate dinner, did the dishes, packed my suitcase and finally settled in for bed around 11:45 am, setting my phone alarm for 4:50. I had a 7am flight and thought, if I'm out the door by 5:20ish, I'll be set.
I wake up to my phone alarm- ah, geez time to wake up already!?- I notice that Caleb had sent me a text in the middle of the night, then go jump in the shower. I don't reply, because he would obviously be sleeping. He often texts me when they get to the hotel, so I know he made it safe.
I jump in the shower... I shave my legs, I wash my hair. I get out of the shower, less sleepy than before. My plan is to put in my contacts and do my makeup on the plane after I'd slept for awhile... But I am going to a concert tonight, I am seeing my husband for the first time in a week. So I decide to straighten my hair. I check the time on my phone. 14 minutes after the hour. I have about 6 minutes before my allotted leave time. Yikes, got to move fast. I start blowdrying. I finish fairly quickly, but know that there is no way I'll leave right at 5:20, I start to think 5:30 won't be bad. I could still make it ok if I left at 5:30... Obviously no traffic. I go to work with the straightener. I get my hair pretty straight and then all of a sudden my mind goes clear. I got to hit the road. I zip up my bag, throw the rest of my makeup and stuff in my purse, yell a goodbye to the cats and head out the door. When I'm almost to the stairs, my heart starts racing, I haven't check the clock in awhile, I don't know how long it took my to straighten my hair- what if there is a problem at the parking structure? What if the shuttles are late? I could miss my flight. I start to get really stressed out. Even though it is pitch black, I'm racing down the stairs. I round the corner, throw my suitcase in the back, get in the front seat, hit the garage opener, start the car... not wanting to see how late it is. The whole time saying, Please God, don't let me be late, over and over again. The radio station is showing instead of the time on the clock. Delaying the inevitable- I think I wanted to feel like I was on my way, before I checked to see how late I was... I start to back out- but then I hit the button to switch to the time. 1:36. Huh? I think, did the battery die? How'd the clock get reset? I get out my phone. yep, 1:36am. What?!?! I pull back forward. I stop the car, grab my purse and exit the car. How am I 4 HOURS EARLY? Didn't my alarm go off? No, it's still set. I check the time of the message for CB. 12:57am. Yep, sounds about right. In my exhaustion of waking up and the stress of the trip, I had convinced myself that my ALARM had gone off, instead of just the single beep, beep,beep of a text message. WHAT?!?! I got completely ready. I shaved my legs. Washed my hair. Blew out and straightened my hair. CHECKED THE TIME. all on just one hour of sleep and 4 hours early!!!!!! I trudged back up the stairs and got back in my pjs. Got back in bed and wished for sleep. Although, now that I was completely ready, I reset my alarm for 5:10... might as well get an extra 20 minutes, huh?! Crazy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wish I were there...

My husband, the rock star

Tonight was the first night of the tour we're calling
"The Arena Rock Tour"

Thanks to Rachel for taking some pics and to Harmony for letting me steal them off your blog.

Caleb called me before the show from the locker room of the Utah Jazz. crazy

Almost feels like you're there, huh? haha

In case you couldn't tell how HUGE this place is in the previous picture. Wow.

Less than a week before I get to see them in Dallas. Woohoo!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Updates and Belated Birthdays

I've been pretty swamped at work the past few weeks and so I haven't had much time to update on my blog. Don't let my boss know, but I do my best blogging at the office. Just kidding ;) Caleb is visiting in Illinois working on writing the new album, so I have the place to myself for a couple more days. When he gets back, we're going to paint our bedroom and living room and do a minor redecorate! I'm pretty excited. We rarely redecorate because we usually move first, but being here for a few years- I'm ready to mix some things up!

Since my blogging has taken a backseat to my working- I've missed some birthday shout outs.

My older brother, Tom turned 29 this past Friday!
We looked a lot alike as kids... but now I don't see it as much. Maybe it's the beard.
Anyway, Tom, his wife Annie and Thomas are coming to visit us next week and I'm pretty excited! It's their first trip out and it'll be fun to take them to all the cool hotspots- the beach, Disneyland, Hollywood, etc

Also celebrating his birthday on Friday- is my brother in law Micah! 28! Woop woop!
(I don't have a picture of Micah on the new laptop yet, but hopefully CB will bring back a camera full of pictures!)

And to wrap up the weekend-
Happy Belated Birthday to my mother-in-law who celebrated her day on Saturday with a family birthday party that CB got into town just in time to attend. I always feel more left out and homesick when our families get together without us there- but I'm really glad he made it.

I love you guys and miss you! Hope you had great days!