Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coming To A Theater Near You!

This October brings many things. Caleb's birthday, Halloween, Caleb's return from tour and the release of several of the "box office gold masterpieces" that I worked on in the last couple years. Can't say that I recommend them... but just that I have worked on the following movies with October release dates.

Coming out on October 10th- This one I had to attend several production and extra's meetings for. I only booked 1 day (obviously due to the subject matter... there weren't a bunch of extras in it). I couldn't tell you if it is any good, as I didn't actually read the script. This might be for netflix.

Releasing on Halloween (ooh spooky)- I did actually read the script for this one... Wouldn't say that you should run out and see this one, but it could be alright I guess, depending on how certain scenes were shot... If you do see it though, keep a look out for the kids at the school and the party... yep- that was my work.

And lastly... also releasing on Halloween night. I am really hoping we get invited to the crew screening on this one. I recommend seeing this, if not for the story line, which I am hoping was done well by Mr Eastwood, but for the amazing late 20's-30's look. This was possibly one of the most challenging projects for me creatively and well worth it. Stepping on that set was like stepping back in time. Working on this movie reminded me why I wanted to work in the movies to begin with. It was magical.

Also quick update- I did NOT win the cookie contest. My partner on the above movie, Tony, won the contest with a "kitchen sink cookie." I will be a gracious loser and say I am sure that his cookies were good, but will also note that I had no idea which cookie was which once they were broken into pieces on my plate (all the chocolate chip varieties were similar tasting). I was told by many people that my cookies were the best, so that is enough for me. Plus, since I am planning to be out of town this weekend, I am glad I don't have to stress about whipping up another batch before Monday.


Anonymous said...

I want to see the 1920's Jolie movie. :) As for the scary ones, I might have an early heart attack. I can't do's not relaxing....I become a big ball of stress! Can't wait for Halloween!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see Changeling! That looks really good to me. And, I'm bummed your cookies didn't win. You got robbed!!! See you tonight!