Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wishing you a

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adorn your hair

Awhile ago, I posted a little game on my blog. I had seen it on my friend Mari's blog and had to participate knowing that in doing so, I'd get something fantastic from her! She signed up on mine too... so we recently exchanged our "gifts" and I finally have pictures and am able to post them up here.

Without further ado, here is the gorgeous headband she made me!

Where can I get one of these, you ask??? Well, this headband named "Kissing Kate" is available on her website along with so many other great styles. Mari is one of the most creative people I know and I am so inspired by her. Not only is she selling custom and couture headbands online, but her line is also for sale in a New York City salon boutique! You Rock Mari! And thanks for this great headband!

Oh, and family back home- I guess this is the first you've seen of my hair color- Back to blonde... Well, almost.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trophy Day!

This spring, our nephew Haven played TeeBall. He's been a baseball fan probably since birth, so it was really great to get to see him learn the game and play on a team. Yesterday marked the end of the season and the Trophy Ceremony. Haven's parents, Mick and Schae, signed up to volunteer at the beginning of the season and ended up with their own team. They were fantastic coaches. They were so enthusiastic and encouraging to every kid on the team.

The coaches were recognized first at the ceremony and here they are waiting for their plaques. (those 3 kids weren't really supposed to be there, but they stood up there the whole time! It was really funny)

Then Mick and Schae took the trophies back to their team and handed them out 1 by 1. Mick would give a little intro to each one. I haven't seen Haven so excited before. He was smiling sooo big and was fidgeting nervously. His first trophy.

This video is of Mick announcing Haven's trophy and also of their "team chant" which they'd do before and after every game.

Haven posing proudly with his trophy.

The parents went together and gave Mick and Schae a few gifts. One was a photo collage of all the kids on the team. Another was a golden glove trophy. Finally they gave them a game ball signed by all the kids on the team.

Haven watching Mick open the gifts.

Haven signs the team ball.

Haven and Mick with their trophies.


Haven at bat. 1 strike and then a single to 1st! Video cuts out before he gets there, but he really did make it all the way!

My favorite part of the game

Haven and his best friend Gaby

Happy Birthday Annie!

The BIG 29!

We hope you have a great birthday and year! Can't wait for you to come visit!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Snowmen in a Blizzard

First off, Thank you to everyone for your prayers and concern. My dad made it through surgery yesterday and today he was up walking about and in pretty good spirits. I wish I could've been there to support him through this, but I did send him one large, obnoxious singing balloon. In my defense, I really had no choice- the balloon sings "Don't worry be happy" and my dad used to sing us that song in the car when we were kids. It was fate. He should be allowed to go home on Sunday and will hopefully be good as new before too long.

I've had a busy week with work. I'm doing the sequel to a Summer blockbuster I was credited in last year (you may remember hearing about it). I can't actually say anything about it though, due to the 14 page confidentiality agreement I signed. Let's just say, there is only one more month left of production- and I'm ready for a break!

Did anyone else procrastinate and watch their tv go to snow one channel at a time today? We have been anti-cable since 2006, when I watched an entire summer of Sweet Sixteen and felt my brain melting, and never made a decision about buying a new tv or cashing in our converter coupon... which is now expired. I find it really hilarious that we don't have TV, by the way. I guess we'll live on netflix and tv on the internet for a few days to see which direction we should go. I think I'll miss my mornings with Regis the most...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Becoming an Adult

I'm sure there are many events that happen in our lives that make us feel like we are finally an "adult". Usually the next event will come and we'll realize that we were in fact, not yet the adult that we thought we were.
The events in my life have been:
Signing the lease to my first apartment (I was actually only 17, boy was I not an adult yet)
Graduating college
Getting Married
Moving 2000 miles away from my home
Turning 25
Not moving in more than 3 years
Finding out that my Dad isn't invincible.
I don't know if it's a daughter thing, but I never imagined that my Dad could get sick. He's having surgery tomorrow morning. If you pray, please say a prayer for him. That his surgery goes smoothly. That his recovery is quick. That once it's gone, it stays gone.
I know that he is going to be fine, but I believe in the power of prayer, and every little bit helps. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just ran a mile. Straight through. No stopping.
I haven't done that since high school.

I'm exhausted. Time for bed.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I heart Craigslist

Now that Caleb is home, we are taking care of some business. And today, we paid our final payment on our credit card! Woop!

As a reward to ourselves for this hard work (we've been carrying that credit card debt since before we were married!), we set aside some extra money to get a laptop, since our computer has been crashing. It's a Mac too, I thought those weren't supposed to crash. Anyway, we kept looking on, and trying to budget it in... but then Caleb found a cute little laptop (in our neighborhood!) for less than half the price of a new one! It is a couple years old, but the guy had just had the newest operating system reinstalled- so it's good as new! Our new laptop has a built in camera and a fun program photobooth. Here are the highlights from this afternoon.

Regular Black and White- bored

Pop Art Style - probably one of the better pics of me ever taken-
Thank goodness for overexposure! ;)

Comic Book Effect-
I think I was trying to look upset or frightened like those comic book girls

Photo Booth Effect

Another craigslist success story- Yesterday we got a water cooler! We had been noticing the tower of empty plastic 2 1/2 gallon jugs in our kitchen waiting to be recycled and we thought- yeah, it's good that we recycle, but it'd be even better if we could reduce. (Our old apartment building has rusty pipes, so drinking the tap water is out of the question) We found the water cooler for $40 and it was in Studio City too! We have two jugs to drink and then we'll head off to the recycling place with the last of the empties, and make the switch completely!! I'm not looking foward to carrying the big heavy bottles up our stairs, but at least we'll have to do it less often, and I can switch to the smaller size while Caleb's on tour. Also, our cooler has on/off switches, so we can turn off the heat side during the summer or when we don't anticipating needing hot water as often. I'm glad for that feature, it's way more energy efficient.
This girl is looking forward to quick and easy hot chocolates this winter.