Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Name in Lights! (sort of)


Last night Caleb and I attended the screening for IRON MAN. It was a decent movie, we thought Robert Downey really brought it (mom translation- he did a good job)... but the best part was at the very end- when my name was finally credited in my very first major motion picture! WOOP WOOP! If you see it, stay til the end to see for yourself!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Secret Window Garden



These babies are like 1 month old now... not time to harvest yet! :) Hopefully they will not die this time.

Baseball by the sea

San Francisco Giants Stadium
(not bad for a camera phone)
Caleb and I have the goal to see the Cardinals play in every National league stadium. Talk about dreaming big. This month, we crossed off another on the list. We have now seen them play in St Louis, in Chicago at Wrigley, in Los Angeles at Dodgers' Stadium, and in San Francisco.
Next month, we hope to see our very first home game at the NEW Busch stadium in St Louis, and we may try to catch them down in San Diego vs the Padres too.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins *YUM*

Smitten Kitchen. Finding this site was the best thing that ever happened to my kitchen!
Seriously. Every recipe I've tried from this site has turned out delicious. It makes me feel so gourmet too! Caleb had 3 of these muffins before noon today. Haha, I did too.

Peace on Shirts, Good Will to Men

Here are a couple shirts I made for two of my sister-in-laws. The purple shirt is for Schae for her birthday... shhhhhh... It was originally a white V-neck from Forever 21 and this was my first experience with dye. Originally, I had thought that the peace sign would be crisper than this, but the hot water dye boiled off my stencil. I really like how the end result turned out.

This is the shirt I made for Rach, and it is about 3 months overdue. It was always yellow (I didn't dye this one). This type of shirt is so much fun to make, because you literally squirt paint in your hand and flick it! I got the idea off of

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Applique tees for sweet girls

Here are a few gifts for three lovely 1 year olds... Gotta love Old Navy tees. The whale and giraffe I hand sewn onto the shirts. The elephant was the only one I machine-sewed and I'm not as happy with the stitching. But overall, I think they were cute and only $5 each!!