Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today I am thankful...

The celebration of Thanksgiving began with the Pilgrims feeling grateful that they survived a long hard time adjusting to their new surroundings, making some cool new friends, and having a good meal to eat.  Today I am thankful for much the same... and these as well:

I am thankful for a wonderful husband who supported my meager attempts to tackle the entire Thanksgiving dinner today.  He blasted the Christmas music starting at 10am and helped with all the boring tedious stuff I dislike the most.  He was side by side in the kitchen peeling and slicing apples and sweet potatoes, and boiling and chopping, mashing and blending.  I am also thankful for the easy breezy - never had to physically touch it - Jennie O Oven Ready Turkey... this might be a yearly buy.

I am thankful for the roof over our head (even though it leaked on our bed yesterday with the recent rain- Hopefully it stays dry for awhile).  Our friend Arlene and I participated a couple weeks ago in the United Way HomeWalk and it opened my eyes to just how many people are living on the streets and how grateful I am to have a warm bed to go to each night.

I am thankful that I work for a company that is supportive and stable.  With layoffs and bailouts the new constant, I am relieved to work for a company that actually has it's act together.  Even though I'm often heard exclaiming "I'm so over work!" I am thankful for my job.

I am thankful for the success that Caleb is finally finding in his music.  I am overwhelmed with pride at how hard they've worked and how they stuck with it through drummer after drummer and every bump along the way.  I am thankful for the adventure that England will be for us and excited for more opportunities that his music will bring.

I am thankful for my large and ever expanding family (2 new babes due in the next 6 months).  Especially for my niece and nephews that get bigger and funnier everyday.  I am leaving this Thanksgiving post with some pictures of Haven, soon to be 5-years old.  The first two pictures were last night at Ashton's birthday party.  We realized that he was going to jump into every picture we took, so some we kind of set up like, "Alright, I'm going to take a picture of just CB now".  Here's a sampling...

And here are some from tonight at Thanksgiving dinner...

Just a tad late on this one...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  The Christmas season has officially started!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey

(To talk turkey means to discuss in a straightforward manner- I looked it up.)

Thanksgiving is in two days and I'm cooking dinner for the LA family.
We made our menu today and no where did it indicate that I intended to cook a turkey (we talked about buying pre cooked ones- but found out later that they are PRICEY!). I would imagine that 90% of those of you that might happen to read this blog would know that I don't really like touching meat. Cooking a real live turkey seems to require all sorts of "dirty work" that I don't want anything to do with. BUT while getting the ingredients for the stuff I DO plan on making, I happened upon this.

An oven ready turkey!
No Thawing!
No Cleaning!
No Stuffing!
And most importantly... NO TOUCHING!

Just take it out of the bag, cut slits in the "FOOL PROOF" bag, stick it in a roasting pan and then into the oven and 3 hours or so later- you're done.

I think we have a plan.

PS- Feel better soon Makaya!

Monday, November 24, 2008

World Traveling!

We leave for England a week from tomorrow and I'm so excited about it!  This band is playing this festival...

It has become all I can think about (well, that and Christmas!!!- I started playing Christmas music at home even though Caleb sometimes lets me and sometimes complains that it is too early).  Today at work, I was having a very busy day and I kept saying, "wow! I really could use a week in England!" and "Geez, Work Stinks!  Good thing I only have 3 work days until I leave for England!"  Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving festivities at work.  I need to make my world famous strawberry cake, since my team is providing the desserts.  I was in charge of the potluck this year, and I had the brilliant (hopefully- we'll see tomorrow I guess) idea that since the office is providing the main courses that we should have each of the 5 teams provide a course for the potluck, thinking that they'll feel more responsible that way- like- What nothing to drink!?  Team 2 you slackers!  (the last potluck that we had in October only 5 people brought sides for 50 of us!)  I am excited to eat the strawberry cake tomorrow, but can't seem to get motivated to make it tonight.  Even though my kitchen is very clean, which always helps.  Other things I'm not so motivated to do are all the sewing projects and knitting projects that will turn into Christmas presents.
Ok, I'm rambling- alright time to get to work.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Team Edward

This is beyond nerdy to even admit... But this time tomorrow night, I will be standing in line waiting to get into this movie.  Friday is Tawny's birthday and for her present she wanted to go to the midnight screening opening night.  Luckily, we'll have Mari and her sister-in-law to keep us company.  I hate waiting in lines but I know that tomorrow night will be packed with all the other obsessive fans staying up late to get the first glimpse- maybe we should bring a deck of cards or phase 10 with us to pass the time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bloooooood... ew

Disclaimer- Talk about Blood- not for the weak stomach!

Last night, Caleb and I participated (for the very first time) in a blood drive.
I am terrified of the whole business: needles, blood, willingly getting rid of blood, even the finger stick to test iron levels freaks me out.  But this time, I decided that it was time to get over that and prove to myself that I was brave.  

Here is the nurse wrapping my arm in the bright blue bandage tape after I finally finished filling my blood bag. Yuck  I am pretty sure this guy didn't like me at first (probably cause I was crying just a little- That's the way I roll, I usually freak myself to tears about something I am worried about and then I calm down once it has actually began- this was no different), but by this point he was joking around with me, telling Caleb that I wasn't allowed to cook or clean for 72 hours and stuff like that and being really nice.  I think I was pretty entertaining during the 20 minutes I was lying there. 

This picture is pretty indicative about how Caleb took the whole situation... He was amazing at giving blood.  He had a great vein (unlike me- I had to switch arms), filled his blood sack about 5 minutes faster than I did, and didn't feel weak or sick at all and all the while looked cool doing it.  

I didn't really get sick, but it was actually pretty gross to feel the pressure changes in my arm at various stages of blood removal.  Nasty! 

Today we both feel pretty good.  Weak at points.  My finger stick still hurts, I am pretty sure she hit bone, but other than that we are A-okay!  We will probably not be as scared next time we have the chance to donate blood.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poor Kid

Our 18month old nephew, Thomas, has somehow managed to break his arm.
I've been told that he'll be in a cast for something like 4 weeks.

I think he still looks rather cute even with his huge battle wound.
(Battle was with the ground... alas, the ground won this one)

Get well soon Little Buddy!
We'll need that arm in tip top shape to be ready for all the playing we'll be doing when we see you at Christmastime!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud to be an American today

I think that no matter how you cast your vote today, you have to be proud of our country and the record amount of voters this year.  This was the first year that Caleb and I both read up on all the propositions that we'd be voting for.  It was very empowering to cast MY vote for how I think this state and country should be run, rather than just skipping items or guessing in the booth.  I am proud of the huge number of voters- I believe that this shows the accountability and responsibility of the American people.  I remember feeling frustrated in the past when hearing people who never voted before complaining about this or that.  But regardless of the outcome, people are getting out and making change happen, voting for their choice for the next leader of this country.  Now at 10:45pm, some of the props I voted for are passing and some not- I probably won't know the results until the morning, I feel really invested and am anxiously awaiting!  I look to Obama's presidency with optimism and hope that we can unite as one nation and work together to strive to make the world a better place.