Monday, November 30, 2009

Free shirt and kitty poo

Who likes free stuff?
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Thought it'd be funny to post a pic of me in the protective gear my mom sent me to protect the babe while cleaning the litter box. I feel like I'm on Dexter working a crime scene haha!

Here are some pics of the band and CB at their Thanksgiving show in the Netherlands. I got the pics off the internet, so I'm not sure who to credit the photos to.

Custom band shirts... I finished them the night before he left. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random Musings...

I've had lots of little thoughts lately, that aren't enough to post about, but just might make a enough of a post strung together. Here they are:

Caleb's in Germany today. I'm wishing I was there. I was an exchange student in Germany 10 years ago and haven't been back since. Next time I have to go.

Time Zones. Wow, it is really harder with such different time zones. Usually the biggest difference is east coast- west coast and he'll be finishing a show and going to bed right when I am, and it's perfect. But 9 HOURS different is crazy. He's going to bed and it's like 4 or 5pm here.

Sewing shirts. I've been sewing shirts like mad, preparing for the markets I'm selling in next week. I pulled out all my fabric the other night and was inspired and started cutting out sleeves from this fabric I had in my bin and I get about 3 shirts worth cut and realize... I cut into the fabric for our BEDROOM CURTAINS. oops. I dropped the scissors, ran into the bedroom with the tape measure and after measuring 3 times, realized phew, there is still plenty of fabric left for the curtains.

Housework. I'm totally not into it. I got really spoiled while Caleb was home for two months straight and with me being pregnant- Not having to clean the catbox or take out the trash. None of the dirty work. Luckily I have a face mask and gloves to protect me from the litter, but I will be way glad to hand those jobs back to him when he gets home.

Netflix watch it now. It's awesome. I've had the same movies sitting on top of my tv waiting to be mailed back for the last 3 weeks (something about taking them to a mailbox makes it so much harder to get done) but now that we can watch instantly online, I at least feel like I'm getting some of our money's worth.

TV seasons. What I am watching now is tv seasons. This is good, cause you can give them half attention- say like while sewing- and still be able to follow the story line. Also if you have a lot of alone time as I currently do, you can watch a marathon of them. I've almost finished watching Dexter Season 1.

Working Overtime. How much is our free time worth? I think about that often. Like ok, during my regular job, I make X amount of dollars per hour. And in an hour of work I think, ok, I just paid for a dinner out or I just made enough to buy a shirt or whatever. But then free time, hmmm... It makes sense that you should be paid time and a half (or more!) for cutting into your free time. It does seem more valuable. But why? Maybe because you've allotted yourself the 40 hours/week or the 8 hours/day to be at the office. I've been on call this weekend, and I had to work 7 hours yesterday and was really frustrated that I didn't get a lot of other stuff done because of it. But then afterward, I thought about what 7 hours of overtime would equal to and it didn't seem as big of a deal... Either way, I'll be glad when this weekend is over and I'm not on call anymore- Crazy to say that, I've never wanted a weekend to be over before. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TGIW !?!

Yay for a 4 day weekend!
I am so excited to not go into the office tomorrow or Friday (Technically I'm on call and will have to work on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours, but at least it's not all day long). I have sooo much sewing and housework to do, it'll be nice to have a couple days at home to get stuff done! I may even brave the stores this weekend to try to get some names crossed off my list (anyone want to join me?)

In the past, I've posted a few times about my crazy travel stories... well Caleb and the band have officially topped most all of them in the last two days. This is what he told me last night: They were supposed to fly from the Chicago airport yesterday around noon to Atlanta where they would transfer to the flight to Amsterdam. They get to the airport with plenty of time and found that their flight was delayed about 30 minutes. Worried about the delay causing them to miss their connection, the airport lady switched them onto a direct flight on another airline. Nice, right? Well, no. Her supervisor came over and wouldn't allow it, because their luggage could no longer be removed from the original flight. So they were switched back to their original flight. Which has now started to board. They discover 2 things- 1. The delay was caused by a funny gas smell in the cabin which after being investigated, was found to be nothing problematic, except really smelly. and 2. They had been bumped to the end of the boarding line and by the time they got on, there was no overhead bin space available and so the 3rd guy, jon's saxophone had to be taken to the back of the plane. So at this point, they were delayed 30 minutes and would have roughly 40 minutes to board their next flight. But no.... at that moment Atlanta airport was blocking all departures and arrivals due to a computer glitch. So now, they are sitting on a plane in Chicago that smells like gas for an hour and a half, knowing that they will absolutely for sure miss their connection.

So they finally land, Ashton rushes off immediately to get in line to get a new flight for them, while CB and Jon wait for the plane to empty so they can get the saxophone from the back. Ashton gets them a flight through Copenhagen, he heads over there (a shuttle to a different terminal) and arrives right at the end of boarding. He lets them know that two more are on their way but they close the door anyway about 1 minute before CB and Jon arrive. Is that strike 3 then? So they get in the REALLY long line (if you can imagine that there is only 1 desk with 2 people serving everyone involved) and wait to get to the front. They are told (probably at least 1-2 hours after landing) that there is a possibility of flying standby through London in a couple hours. So they wait at the airport and when the flight time nears they go back to the desk. At some point in the last couple hours, the 10 spots that had been available have now been shrunken down to 2. The lady at the desk actually tried to make two of them fly the standby to London and leave the 3rd to wait until the next afternoon. How horrible is that? They explained that they are a band and can not travel separately (who would seriously ask someone to stay behind an entire day with a 9 hour flight involved?!) and right in front of them she called the next people and said- you lost your chance. Strike 4 then? And that was the last cross Atlantic possibility for the night, so they are given Delta airline t-shirts and toiletry kits (to make up for no luggage), some food, beverage, headphone, hotel and internet vouchers and sent away. How exhausting. Here's hoping the rest of the tour goes WAY better. It can only go up from there, right? Today's travels went off without a hitch and he should be landing in Amsterdam in about 2 hours.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time for a Recap...

So, I'm sitting at my desk at work, waiting for a call from the wardrobe dept of that movie I just started and figured it's time for a recap of what's been happening with us.

This last week was a lot of preparing for Caleb's trip. He left yesterday afternoon to head to Illinois. He's met up with Ashton to run the set a couple times, then will drive to Chicago tomorrow and fly out Tuesday to the Netherlands. I don't know all the places that this tour will take them, but I do know that they'll go to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (bet they'll wish I was there to speak German for them!), then Paris, London, Scotland. I think they might even be going to the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Wherever they end up going, it's an amazing opportunity and I'm really excited for them. Cross your fingers that they figure it all out, because they are renting a van and DRIVING themselves! Yep, once they get to the UK, they'll have to switch over to the other side of the road. Thank goodness for GPS, at least they won't have to rely on translating maps on their own.

So that means- I'm a single wife again. For 4 weeks. We'll meet back up in Illinois when I go home for Christmas and he flies in. I wonder if I'll be as big as a house next time I see him. I think I'll be about 6 months pregnant then. I'm very lucky that my mom will be flying in with my Aunt Marcia to visit me the final week of my lonely time. That will probably save me, because I know she'll help me get the apartment ready, pack and finish up Christmas presents and she's even going to take one of the suitcases home with her, so I will only have to lug one to the airport when I leave two days later. Not to mention just having a fun visit to look forward to helps a lot.

I sewed a new set of band shirts for the guys to take with them. CB left the last set at a club they played at in October in the back room and the original green set has been missing for awhile. I probably shouldn't keep making them shirts if they keep losing them... Well, either way, their saxophone guy is coming with, so they needed to have 3 matching anyway. This time I used some fabric I found on the $5/yard table at Michael Levine's. It was a pink and green striped fabric that has different width stripes all throughout it. Which turned out kind of neat when sewn up with the different pieces. I didn't get a picture before he left, so hopefully he'll take one eventually. For some reason, they turned out kind of smaller than the last ones (even with the same pattern...) so I hope they'll fit the other two guys. Otherwise, CB might just have 3 of the same.

I went and saw New Moon last night with a couple of friends. It was (in my opinion) much better than the 1st one. The first one I thought of as a long inside joke, but this one was actually more like a real legitimate movie. Not an Oscar winner for sure. But not nearly as comedic. Also just want to say- Thank goodness they cut Jacob's hair. Ick. That wig was nasty.

Thursday was the finale for Project Runway... AND GUESS WHAT?!?! The girl I voted for WON! YAY!!! She wasn't always the nicest, but she did produce some great clothes. So much better after last year- when I was the 2nd person out in our contest. 3 of us voted for her, so that means that we will split the prize three ways. This means that I will win a lot of fabric. I haven't seen the prize fabric yet, but I bet there are some great stuff in there. Maybe I'll even be able to make a quilt for baby girl with some of it.

On that note... We still do NOT have a name for her. We do have a couple of front runners, maybe I'll reveal them at some point, but we've kind of tabled the "naming process" until Caleb gets back from Europe. He's a one thing at a time to worry about kind of guy, so unless I wanted to name her Paris or London, he was not going to be very helpful this last few weeks.

I am very into my annual Christmas movie watching. I pretty much watch movies all weekend long (especially while I'm sewing- which I'm doing a lot of prepping for these holiday markets and making Christmas presents). I've already watched Home Alone 3 times and the Family Stone 2 times. I have some others in my personal collection, but was thinking of filling up my netflix queue with just holiday movies. Anyone have any suggestions for good ones?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome Christmas...

Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze!
Welcome Christmas, Come this way!

To kick off the Christmas season, we went to see the Grinch musical this evening. It was pretty good, but nowhere near the original cartoon (which I watch at least twice every year). I wish I had been able to take some pictures of the stage, but CB was worried that the ushers would bust us, so I left the camera in my purse.

This weekend really went by way too fast... Not only will I have a busy week at work (starting a new movie and booking a big wedding scene on another show) but when it's over, CB'll be heading off for his Europe tour. Yep, this Saturday he'll head off to Illinois to meet up with Ashton, get in a little practice, and then fly over to Amsterdam to start the tour. They have 18 shows lined up in more than 8 different countries in about 3 1/2 weeks. The pregnant part of me wants to say- sounds exhausting. The jealous part of me (the part stuck here at work) wants to say- sounds exciting. It'll be a long 4 weeks until we meet back up in Illinois the week before Christmas. I've definitely been spoiled having him home the last two months!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Very cute stuff!! Fingers crossed that I win! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Going to the Market

So I'm really really nervous tonight! My talented and uber-creative friend Mari and I are participating in a market tomorrow called Bijou Market. It is in a town in Utah- so I'm obviously not going to go. This is the first time I've been involved in something like this. I only have 2 designs in this market. But I'm still SOOO nervous that no one will like my shirts and I will not sell even 1!! But I guess we'll know tomorrow.

Next month, (Dec 5) we are participating in another 2 markets- another in Utah and one here in Burbank! The one in Burbank is called Hip Handmaids, and my friends Kate and Michelle are organizing and running it- which is amazing. There is a blog for Hip Handmaids where they feature the vendors and do giveaways. Check it out this weekend for a yummy giveaway! Also a good place to get ideas for Christmas shopping etc. Hope if you're around you'll come out to the show!
And just to put a good ending on yesterday's no good very bad day- Caleb felt the baby kick last night for the first time. It was probably just really good timing, but I like to think she was performing for him. Within about 10 seconds of putting his hand there, sure enough she kicked hard enough for him to feel it! And boy was he skeptical beforehand, but his eyes opened up wide and he gasped. Very cool. Good girl. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The No Good Very Bad Day

Well, it could have been worse (obviously) and already being at home and relaxing, it's looking up already. But...

I had a dentist appointment. And I have a cavity. This whole being pregnant makes me barf while brushing my teeth, so I rush through it while gagging the whole time thing has finally caught up to me I guess. It isn't a huge one- since it doesn't hurt or anything, but I have to wait 6 months to deal with it, so I'm going to try to give up soda and sugary candy for the most part and try my very best to keep it from getting worse.

I had to work with pretty much one of the most loathed clients ever today (I only have 2 on my list really). But this one. Wooo boy. Awful. Can't admit she's wrong about anything. Asked me for the name of the "referee" that worked on a specific day and when I gave her the name of the only one listed- she insisted htat wasn't him and there was another one. Nope, there isn't. Flash to hours later and we figure out that she needs one of the "coaches" back. When I figure this out and email her back, her reply was that FYI- in our world a ref and coach are the same thing and then basically commented that I should have just told her, blah blah blah... HELLO?!!? No they are not the same thing! Grrrr. This seems like something that isn't a big deal but the history with this person- is that she is never wrong and everyone else is an idiot for not automatically knowing. What takes 1 hour to finish for anyone else, takes 5 hours for her. But at least I am just covering for someone on vacation and this is only temporary.

Then just as I am finishing up, I call Caleb to tell him I'm headed home. He's just found out that the airline that they are flying to Europe for their tour charges tons of extra fees for 1st and 2nd checked bags and since they have to bring lots of their equipment, guitars, etc. They will rack up at least an additional $130 each for baggage. He was already stressing about this tour, so that just adds to it, huh?

Lastly (hopefully), I'm pulling into our parking spot and my headlights hit... well, they hit where his bike is supposed to be. His bike was STOLEN! I almost didn't want to tell him. His bike that he had tinkered with and sanded and painted and adjusted and enhanced until it was just perfectly what he wanted. STOLEN! Jerks. They left my bike. They left our dumb wake boards. Seriously?! Who steals a bike with a kryptonite lock on it!?! Jerks.

We're going to just going to stay in and eat frozen pizza and then hide under the covers and hope that tomorrow will be another day and a better one :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

She does exist!

Here she is.
We are 95% sure that we have a baby girl in there.
And now that it's been confirmed (95% at least) I can say- I knew it!
I had 3 dreams that I had a baby girl- and the most recent one was of our ultrasound appointment. The Doctor had said "I don't see a weiner, so it's a girl!" and I had said back to him- "Well, I already knew that." Plus, my overall feeling when I think of her was, you are a girl. I'd refer to her as "she" so often, that Caleb started calling her Caleb Jr, just to balance it out a bit.
All in all she is a healthy little baby. She has a heart with four chambers that is functioning appropriately. (They even color coded and showed us the blood pumping through) She has a stomach and kidneys and arms and legs and feet and hands all where is appropriate. We are so lucky.
So this picture is of her little face. And her big belly.

And then she arched her head back and we got this little profile with mouth and chin too!

And this one makes me nervous. Here she is facing the camera- head is now on the right (She was doing flips and twists and turns the whole time!)
She looks like a puppy or a jack-o-lantern to me in this one. I am guessing that what I think are puppy ears are actually her arms up by her head, but who knows.

The rest of the details that I can remember- She is about 11 oz. She is normal sized.
They did not change her due date.
Now off to break this spending slump I've been in!

I'm up.

Well, this whole time change thing has messed my schedule. My alarm is set for 8am, and I think I woke up at 6:45 and finally gave up and got out of bed at 7:15.
Today is our ultrasound. I'm mostly excited and a little anxious about it. I'm 19 weeks now, and as long as our baby is in a showy mood, we should find out today if it is a boy or a girl. It's in the afternoon and before I get to do that, I have a meeting with a director of a new movie I'm working on. I read the script last night, and hmmmm, I'm definitely too old for this movie. I think it's geared towards 9 year olds?? The only thing I'm worried about is that I'm a super honest person, and I will have to tighten my filter for this meeting and not say something like- Worst script ever!

Today is also my official start to the holiday season! (Even though I technically watched 2 Christmas movies last weekend...haha) Yay! I'm really excited for the holidays, although, they can last as long as possible! (I feel like time is flying by! I could really use as much time as possible to get ready- particularly these next couple weeks before CB leaves for his Europe tour.)

Speaking of Caleb's band... they've been soooo busy the last few weeks. They spent a week rehearsing, a week in the studio, a week mixing, but now their CD is close to being finished- well, maybe wishful thinking, I am sure there is tons more to do on it before it goes to mastering. It will release in the Spring sometime after the baby is born (hopefully at least a month- haha- since that means a tour to support the release will follow)

I went and visited them in the studio one night while they were recording and snapped this funny picture of Caleb at the mic. Doesn't it look like he's singing "Heal the World" or something like that?

Alright, alright. He wasn't singing here- It was posed... but see- that's how honest I am... I'm totally screwed for this meeting. :)