Saturday, October 2, 2010

6 month Wrap-up

After almost 6 months of maternity leave and 2 5-week long trips to Illinois to hang with family, I have crossed over and become a working mom. It was a big adjustment to resume the life I'd led before Sadie entered my world and then again, it wasn't. The night before my first day back, I slept only a handful of hours. Sadie woke up constantly, and I woke up constantly. My anxiety about being away from my girl longer than ever before must have rattled us both. But no matter what, that morning came. And after loads of advice and planning to Caleb and lots of kisses, I got in the car and drove to work. I walked in the door to hellos and welcome backs and was it hard to leaves? and with tears in my eyes, said yes and thanks and that was that. And Caleb fed her green beans at 10am, which was not in our plan (at all), but that was okay too, because the torch had been passed and he was in charge now. I think that was the hardest part of it, the relinquishing control... the knowing that things would happen that I would not be there for... that I didn't get to spend every moment with her, leading her through this world and experiencing it again through her eyes. But I do get to do that, just lunch hours, nights and weekends. The work part wasn't hard, it was like riding a bike. I've had that job for 5 years, it was a part of who I was and so it was not difficult to reestablish as a part of who I am. I am glad that I didn't have to start a new job, because that would have been REALLY hard. And I've been busy with lots of casting and shows and projects and movies and so the days go pretty fast. And I've had some run ins with some big celebs on set. I do like my job, but I'm not going to lie- I wish it was more balanced. Maybe someday.

I still can't believe how fast time is going. My girl is 6 months old today. I used my mad cake decorating skills (I took a class while I was home in Illinois, note- not really that great of skills, but I'm trying haha) to make her a 1/2 birthday cake. CB's in Europe on tour again, and my mom is coming tomorrow to visit. I have no idea what to have us be for Halloween and the holidays seem to be practically upon us.

I thought it might be nice to write a little letter to Sadie on her milestone birthdays and put them in her baby book to read when she's older, so she can see what she was into and doing, etc. I don't have pen and paper readily handy and this day is almost over, so I'm sticking this one on here, that way I can transpose it later. Warning, it will probably be cheesy.

Dear Sadie,

Today you are 6 months old. Your Daddy and I love you so very much and are so glad that you are a part of our family. You make my heart smile just by looking at you. You are very smart and very strong. You can sit by yourself, you scoot (almost crawling) all around a room, oftentimes backwards, you drink out of a cup, you roll both directions. You've always liked to stand and are starting to pull yourself up, when there is something to grab on to. You like going to the park to swing and to play in the sand. You are eating solids and always want to hold the spoon yourself. You've eaten rice cereal, carrots, green beans, peas and bananas. I think your favorite is green beans, but bananas are a close second. You are not as fond of carrots. You love taking baths and you will kick your feet and splash your hands. You like to chew on your rubber ducky. You like to chew on most things actually. Probably because you have 2 teeth already. You love music, listening to and dancing with, singing, playing the tambourine with daddy (*video below). We call you Sadie B, Princess of the Flowers, Sadie Potatie (your cousin Stella came up with that). You are a happy baby and are full of smiles and giggles. People constantly stop us while we're out and comment on how beautiful you are and your eyes, especially, and you always have a smile for them. You are very photogenic, which is good, because we take lots of pictures. You love your kitties, especially grabbing their ears, or a fistful of fur. So far, they like you too and tolerate quite well this occasional tug. You sometimes put up a fight when you're sleepy and you still wake me up every couple hours all night long, but we're going to work on that. You are very loved by so many people. You are a very special little girl and I'm so glad that I am your mom.

I love you forever and always.

(wow, I've never signed anything Mommy before... weird!)

Here's the video of Sadie playing the tambourine.