Monday, July 12, 2010

Sadie lady

Today was an awesome day. The 3 of us went down to the get some free stuff from his record label's clothing store and it's about an hour drive. Sadie slept all the way there, and slept all the way back. The girl that hates her car seat at times- was an absolute joy to travel with! We started thinking road trips... probably we'll just do the plane ride to Illinois and the short car rides involved with that and call it a day. haha No need to press our luck.Anyway, so we had time to sing in the car and talk and laugh and act a little like our former selves and it was great. And the label was pretty generous and I was able to get some jeans called Sadie lady skinny jeans. And they fit amazing (obviously still a size larger than before, but I'll take it for now) and are a color I don't have in my post pregnancy closet yet.

We're almost all settled into our new place... just in time to leave again. haha We're heading back to visit family again and then CB will be starting a new tour in a couple weeks. This one will be a challenge because I'll actually have some time in LA on my own with the babe for the first time... and he'll be out for my birthday this year. He's been around for my last 12 birthdays and I'm a sap and can't imagine not having him there, but it'll be fine and go quick and soon enough he'll be home, right?

And a quick update on my own little Sadie lady:
She turned 3 months old a week and a half ago. She's overall a happy baby, but as I mentioned before definitely hates the car seat sometimes. She's laughing a lot now- especially if you lift her up over your head. She has also rolled over several times. The first time was last week on July 6th (date for me to remember to add to baby book later) and that day she rolled belly to back 4 or 5 times in a row. Then I got out the computer to video it and she started watching herself on the screen and no more rolling. Today she rolled again a few times for the first time in a week. I finally got her rolling over on video, but it was only in like 3 steps and not at all smooth like she was doing, so I won't post it (3 steps took like 45 seconds for the whole roll! haha). She's nowhere close to rolling back to belly, but I figure that seems like the harder one, so no worries there. She likes to take baths and she'll kick her feet in the water. She doesn't like getting dressed after the bath at all and will almost always scream and cry until she's totally dressed and in your arms. We are trying out a "flexible" schedule routine, which basically means: Wake and eat, play time, nap time. This is definitely easier to do at home when I can drop everything and feed her, but we do our best and I watch her cues and go with the flow.
I still look at her and think sometimes- Wow, you are really real. And you are mine. The connection I feel to this little girl is so intense and so real and so surreal, it catches me off guard all the time. If you haven't tried this motherhood thing yet, I highly recommend it... but just be ready to be blown away (or maybe it's just me).

I took some pics of Sadie on the day she turned 3 months old. She was giving a lot of love to the camera that time- very cooperative.

Sadie on the 4th of July- She was going through a "squealy" talking phase. That's the face she's making- "aaaah"

Our little fam.
(I think it's hilarious that we're all doing "big eyes")

It's late and I'm too tired to re-read this and see if it makes sense... Hope so!