Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sewing class results

Recently, I took a sewing class. We could bring whatever we wanted to make. I had bought this pattern in IL and wanted to make the monkey backpack for our nephew Dave for Kindergarten.
This class was at Sandbox Rebel, a cool store in Valley Village that sells edgy and modern children's clothing. I learned some new techniques for applique, while making this monkey face from felt. I chose a stiff cotton plaid for the body of the backpack.

There is a zipper that goes across the top from ear to ear, so it opens really wide and is fully lined.

I took am earlier sewing class back in May at Pintucks in Pasadena. Jennifer, the owner/teacher, is more by the book than the Sandbox Rebel girls, so I had a full pattern brush up. We marked every dot, made every notch, pressed every seam. Here is the result:

This dress had darts, facing, a zipper, and ended up needing to be brought in a few inches- so I learned alterations too. All in all, I don't really like the dress too much, but i learned a lot in the class. The fabric was cute, until I cut it into a dress shape, then it seemed like too much. (Note- that awesome sheep painting is one of Caleb's creations.)
I plan on making more of these cute backpacks, but probably won't make another one of these dresses.


Thomas said...

Dear Aunt Claire,
I would like a monkey backpack too.
Dear Uncle CB,
I'm glad someone was finally able to make sheep look cool.

makaya larson said...

Dear Aunt Claire,
We would also like monkey backpacks
Stella and Levi

note: Stella said she would like a purple monkey backpack (while jumping up and down)so see what you can do;)
so cute you did a great job!