Thursday, July 24, 2008


Season 5 Project Runway is off to a great start. Kirsten is the best for letting us all get together and watch at her house every week. I have never been so excited for a television show before.
Here are the winners (and ultimately the ones I thought were the best) from the first two episodes.
This design is eye catching because he took what he was given (the models bought the "green" fabric this week) and made it different and soo much more inovative. I have to admit, my first glance at what he was doing, and I was worried- all the strips he was cutting with the rotary cutter reminded me of quilting, and the tulle... well, that could go very badly in a cocktail dress. BUT I LOVE the finished look. Suede is one to watch for after all.

The first challenge was to design a look using items found at the grocery store. I think Kelli showed the most creativity by actually ALTERING the items she got. She used bleach to DYE the vacuum cleaner bags that she used to make the skirt. She burned a design into the coffee filters for the top and used push pins to make a studded belt. The most genius of course, was her disassembly of the notebook to make the hook and eye closures for the back. I think this look is very wearable, due to the embellishing and dyeing she did. You absolutely can not tell that this look is constructed of vacuum cleaner bags... but all those tablecloths- well, they still looked like tablecloths.


Sarah said...

I agree! Love the show and love watching it with friends!

Thomas said...

Dear Auntie Claire,
Project Runway sucks. However, I would love to see what type of garment they could make with my used diapers.
Nephew Thomas

Claire said...

Dear Thomas,
Tell your daddy that if he tried to watch it, he'd probably get hooked too! (Remember Desperate Housewives?)
Auntie Claire