Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It ain't easy going green...

It all started with Al Gore...

CB and I are really trying to embrace a more environmentally friendly outlook. But it sure isn't easy.

We have tried a couple of those CFL lights in our lamps at home. We try to have the air conditioner set to "energy saver" whenever possible and keep the temperature at 75 degrees. We used to try not to use it at all... but man does it get HOT in our little apartment (plus we just can't do that to our poor cats).

We share one car, partially by choice of simplicity and partially because we can't afford to replace the one that was stolen 2 years ago. haha This both makes us waste and reduce, sometimes forcing us extra trips when both need the car, and sometimes forcing one of us on our bike. We ride bikes together on the weekend to run errands when possible. Caleb takes the bus pretty often to band practice.

We have totally switched to organic milk, but cheese is a bit harder. We try to buy organic meat and veggies when possible, but it is really raising our food bills.

Awhile back, I was reading a book called Garbageland. The author would go through her trashcan everyday and detail everything she'd thrown out. I can't even imagine doing that. Even though we recycle our plastic, Caleb and I throw out soooo much each day. I realized that we fly through paper towels and thought maybe that's something we could reduce. So I bought some kitchen wash cloth/dishrags and announced, these are for cleaning the counter... this towel is for drying the dishes... this towel is for drying our hands... these cloth napkins are for using while eating. That lasted about 3 days and I was back to the paper towels for hand drying, then for napkins. geez.