Thursday, July 31, 2008

Has the jury reached a decision...?

Yes we have, Your Honor.   haha!

Finally!  After 3 days of boring testimony, evidence, objections, head shakes and dirty looks, we were finally able to deliberate this morning and express our opinions about it all.  We had to reach a decision on 4 separate counts.  And after 2 and 1/2 hours of discussions, votes, and one bathroom break- we decided for the plaintiff.  Even though that was the right decision, I still felt a little mad at him, for wasting my time on something that could have been avoided by a little more diligent bookkeeping and a signed contract.  It's just good business, people!  Look at your bills when they come in the mail!  Know what you are being charged for someone's services before you utilize them for a YEAR!  Make sure the contract gets SIGNED.  (PS- lawyers can be sooo catty)

Ok, venting over.   Jury Duty over.  I seriously feel free.  For at least a year. 


Pamela said...

you know, when you have a child you have to care for, you get out of jury duty! just a thought.