Saturday, July 19, 2008


I made this cute bib using a template on  I didn't have any bias tape, so I made my own!  It was my first time using the bias tape maker that I bought a few months ago online, and it was really easy.  The ribbon for the bow, I just happened to have and it almost matched perfectly!  I gave it to my work friend for her granddaughter, Lila, who was born this week.

I tried it on my old bear, because it looked really small, but it fit him well.

I will definitely make more of these.


Sarah said...

Claire, this isn't just a bib, this is a BEAUTIFUL bib! I love it! You were describing it last night to me, but you have to see it to understand how adorable it is. Love it!

Lisa said...

I sure hope that one day I have a baby girl who will be able to wear something so adorable.