Thursday, October 16, 2008

Illinois Trip

This is the reason why I confiscated the camera back from Caleb... 

This is one of 2 or 3 pictures that he took while on tour.  No driving pictures, no show pictures, no pictures at Garden of the Gods- only this picture of him looking kind of annoyed in front of a (pretty, at least) valley and a picture of him and Ashton on the beach in like Virginia.

He did manage to take a few pics while with his family when he met up with them and played in Carbondale.  Here is a good one of Caleb and Stella cheesing it up

*Flashforward two weekends to my trip to IL*

I flew into St Louis REALLY late Friday night and my cousin, Lisa and her husban
d came and picked me up.  I had gotten up that morning early to be at set in Paramount, CA (near Downey!!) by 6am, so by the time I got to Lisa's, I was exhausted.  The next morning, we had breakfast with my Aunt Marcia and my cousin Mike. Delicious Monkey Bread.
I then was driven to Illinois to meet up with my brother, Tom, and Annie and Thomas.  Thomas totally loved me, which is good, because at 1 1/2 years old and only seeing him every 4-6 months- it could go either way.  I don't have any pictures because
 I hadn't yet seen Caleb, so I didn't have my camera.

So then Caleb's mother and sister, Rachel picked me up Saturday afternoon and we drove the 5 hours up to Ottawa, IL, where Makaya, Micah, Stella and Levi live.  (Still hadn't seen Caleb yet)
Then Micah drove Makaya, Chris, Harmony and I the hour and half up to Chicago for Caleb's show.  Finally!!!  It was really great to see him after so long.

And that brings me to the part of the trip with pictures...

In Ottawa, we went on a nature hike.  It was sooo nice to be in Fall.  Here is CB...

And here is the reverse picture I had him take of everyone 
else.  (Going up the stairs: me, Mason, Rachel, Stella, Ashton, Harmony, Makaya, Levi, Micah, Chris, Oliver, Diana)

And this was the finale of the hike, a beautiful, serene waterfall 

I was pretty brave and climbed the narrow ledge to the other side of waterfall.  While taking this picture I kept saying- "the backside of water" - or whatever they say on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.  I don't think this is a very good picture of me, but I had to post the behind-the-waterfall picture.  I just look at this and feel exhausted by how tired I was.

One of the afternoons in Ottawa, we had a picnic lunch at some place that had a couple of buffalo.  Caleb took this picture of one through the fence... not a bad pic, I think.  He then informed me that when we move back to IL,  we'll have to get a house with 8 acres, because 4 acres is enough land to sustain a buffalo for 1 year, and we'd obviously have to have 2 buffalo.


Sarah said...

Those nature hike pictures look AMAZING! Makes me wish I wasn't sitting here at home in my pajamas and was out and about in nature with my family. I'm so happy you were finally reunited with Caleb!

Anonymous said...

SO glad you had a great time! Can't wait to see Caleb too. Chris is always up for a show...I think you know that~ If he can make it, he's there! I'm a Tweakbird fan!

Anonymous said...

(that was a choppy message) oh well. ;)