Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guess who's Back (back, back) Back again!!!

The stars in the universe are back aligned...  CB got home last night from his tour at 3:30am.  YAY!  
I went to Target late last night and bought SO much food!  For the last 5 weeks, I've been wandering around grocery stores unaware of what to buy (I had no motivation to cook any dinners for myself).  But last night I was on fire! I bought all of Caleb's favorite foods, and then some!  I finally remembered the dinners I like to cook and eat.  I just hope we can eat the food before it goes bad. haha :) Luckily, my cousin is coming to visit soon, so we'll have some help.

(I will really try to get those peanuts party pics and the pics of my trip to St Louis up, I do my best blogging at work, and I've been swamped!)


Tanya said...

I totally feel you on the cooking thing. I never cook if it is just me. I become soup and cold sandwhich girl when no one else is around. I am glad to hear Caleb is back, That would be so hard.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I here ya on the cooking for one...totally depressing. I eat dinner alone A LOT with Chris working late. Anyway...tell CB we say hi and can't wait to hear how the tour went!

Sarah said...

Sooooooo happy he's home!!!!!!

If I'm alone, I eat cereal. Actually, sometimes I'll even make dinner for Dan and the girls and still eat cereal. I love cereal.