Monday, October 6, 2008

Keepin' up with the Benjamins

Caleb is in Birmingham, AL (shout out to Brooke McCoy!) tonight. It's a bit weird to think of him being on East Coast time, but it is mostly nice. It is nice because he's up when I get up in the morning to go to work, and he goes to bed at night around the same time as I do. When he was still in our time zone, I'd get woken up by texts at 3am saying he was in for the night. Now at least it is only midnight here and it is kind of comforting to be settling in for sleep 'together'.

Tomorrow night, they will be in Nashville, TN. Guess who else will be there...

Yep, the future president. I am hoping that they give themselves plenty of time to maneuver around traffic and security checkpoints or whatever might be going down. It would be very cool if they'd get to see the debates in person, but I am thinking that most likely you have to set that up more in advance than day of.
Also, my brother Steve is living in Nashville right now, so he'll be able to go to the show.

Tawny and I drove up to Auburn Ca this weekend to see Elise and her sweet new baby girl, Ella-Jean. Auburn is an old gold rush town and it was just beautiful. I wish we had more time to explore the town. I would really like to pan for gold sometime. I think I did it at the duQuoin state fair once in IL. I am not sure, but I sort of have a memory of it.

This was the only picture I snapped of Ella at dinner Saturday night. I love how she kept her hands folded while she slept. I think she looks a lot like Elise. Just off camera to my right, sat Jasper, who pulled and pulled and pulled at my shirt/arm/shoulder trying to climb up out of his highchair to get a look at this sleeping baby. He was so curious and pretty strong for 9 months!

After a short visit with Elise, we jumped in the car and drove the two hours to San Francisco.

Since it was Tawny's first time, we drove down the crookedy street which wasn't as scary as the first time I drove down it last year.

We also drove over the Golden Gate bridge, then turned around, stopped at the lookout and took pictures. This one of Jasper was the only halfway decent one I got with my camera phone. Tawny took one of me, but I look almost deformed, so I will not be posting it.


Thomas said...

Dear Auntie Claire,
I would like to come to Cali sometime. Would you please remind my parents that they should come visit you?

Sarah said...

That's a pretty freakin' adorable kid on that last picture. Cute! And, also, your comment cracked me up about your dream of Steiner! Maybe because you dreamed it, it will come true. Yeah right!

Tanya said...

oh my goodness Jasper is adorable. and so is elle-jean but it was a little dark so I didn't get an awesome look sadly. YOu are surrounded by cute babies!!