Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apple Bobbing Championships

This year's Halloween party brought back the Apple Bobbing Contest.
I don't usually participate, but since I had the opportunity to go first this year (read- before the water gets dirty and spitty) I decided to throw my head in the bucket and give it a try.

In 5th place, Rachel with 4 apples in about a minute-
I think she gave up then, but at least she tried!

Here I am in 4th place, (look at that clean water) with 7 apples in 1 min 8 seconds.

In 3rd place, Micah- with 7 apples in a WAY faster time than me, but I can't remember how fast.

In 2nd place, Makaya- with 7 apples in 15 seconds! Plus she had the infamous "double apple" where she managed to get 2 apples out in 1 dunk.

But Ashton was the winner with 7 apples in 14 seconds! I am pretty sure this is the fastest time ever in bobbing history. Next year we'll have to invite Guinness for the official timing.

Here is the video if you would like to see history being made...


makaya said...

this video is great I was robbed;)!!

makaya said...

this video is great I was robbed;)!!

The Linabooty's said...

Best Video Ever! Make me miss you guys tons!