Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time for a Recap...

So, I'm sitting at my desk at work, waiting for a call from the wardrobe dept of that movie I just started and figured it's time for a recap of what's been happening with us.

This last week was a lot of preparing for Caleb's trip. He left yesterday afternoon to head to Illinois. He's met up with Ashton to run the set a couple times, then will drive to Chicago tomorrow and fly out Tuesday to the Netherlands. I don't know all the places that this tour will take them, but I do know that they'll go to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (bet they'll wish I was there to speak German for them!), then Paris, London, Scotland. I think they might even be going to the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Wherever they end up going, it's an amazing opportunity and I'm really excited for them. Cross your fingers that they figure it all out, because they are renting a van and DRIVING themselves! Yep, once they get to the UK, they'll have to switch over to the other side of the road. Thank goodness for GPS, at least they won't have to rely on translating maps on their own.

So that means- I'm a single wife again. For 4 weeks. We'll meet back up in Illinois when I go home for Christmas and he flies in. I wonder if I'll be as big as a house next time I see him. I think I'll be about 6 months pregnant then. I'm very lucky that my mom will be flying in with my Aunt Marcia to visit me the final week of my lonely time. That will probably save me, because I know she'll help me get the apartment ready, pack and finish up Christmas presents and she's even going to take one of the suitcases home with her, so I will only have to lug one to the airport when I leave two days later. Not to mention just having a fun visit to look forward to helps a lot.

I sewed a new set of band shirts for the guys to take with them. CB left the last set at a club they played at in October in the back room and the original green set has been missing for awhile. I probably shouldn't keep making them shirts if they keep losing them... Well, either way, their saxophone guy is coming with, so they needed to have 3 matching anyway. This time I used some fabric I found on the $5/yard table at Michael Levine's. It was a pink and green striped fabric that has different width stripes all throughout it. Which turned out kind of neat when sewn up with the different pieces. I didn't get a picture before he left, so hopefully he'll take one eventually. For some reason, they turned out kind of smaller than the last ones (even with the same pattern...) so I hope they'll fit the other two guys. Otherwise, CB might just have 3 of the same.

I went and saw New Moon last night with a couple of friends. It was (in my opinion) much better than the 1st one. The first one I thought of as a long inside joke, but this one was actually more like a real legitimate movie. Not an Oscar winner for sure. But not nearly as comedic. Also just want to say- Thank goodness they cut Jacob's hair. Ick. That wig was nasty.

Thursday was the finale for Project Runway... AND GUESS WHAT?!?! The girl I voted for WON! YAY!!! She wasn't always the nicest, but she did produce some great clothes. So much better after last year- when I was the 2nd person out in our contest. 3 of us voted for her, so that means that we will split the prize three ways. This means that I will win a lot of fabric. I haven't seen the prize fabric yet, but I bet there are some great stuff in there. Maybe I'll even be able to make a quilt for baby girl with some of it.

On that note... We still do NOT have a name for her. We do have a couple of front runners, maybe I'll reveal them at some point, but we've kind of tabled the "naming process" until Caleb gets back from Europe. He's a one thing at a time to worry about kind of guy, so unless I wanted to name her Paris or London, he was not going to be very helpful this last few weeks.

I am very into my annual Christmas movie watching. I pretty much watch movies all weekend long (especially while I'm sewing- which I'm doing a lot of prepping for these holiday markets and making Christmas presents). I've already watched Home Alone 3 times and the Family Stone 2 times. I have some others in my personal collection, but was thinking of filling up my netflix queue with just holiday movies. Anyone have any suggestions for good ones?


Sarah said...

Loved the update, Claire. It's nice to know what's going on with you. Congrats on winning Project Runway. There's a lot of cute/cool fabric for you to choose from.

Dan recommends "The Nightmare Before Christmas". And he says "Ernest Saves Christmas" is a good one.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I love your update! I miss chatting with you everyday so you must keep the blog updated! As far as Christmas movies, I always love the cartoon Frosty the Snowman..haha. ITS TRUE! I also really love Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th St., and Scrooge.

Hang in there single wife, you can make it!!

Kate said...

yay so glad that you won. i am so bummed that i don't live close anymore, PR was so great last year. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

I also love the Miracle X-mas movies, but a recent favorite is cute!

Claire said...

Sarah, please thank Dan for the suggestions. Earnest saves Christmas is a brilliant movie. I usually only watch it when it happens to be on tv.
Mari, I added Frosty to my collection last year, so that one will definitely be watched and A Christmas Story, seriously brilliant... although after last year and working with the director, I can't think of Ralphie the same way again :)
Kate- Funny, I just decided that Elf is one I'll ask for this year!