Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random Musings...

I've had lots of little thoughts lately, that aren't enough to post about, but just might make a enough of a post strung together. Here they are:

Caleb's in Germany today. I'm wishing I was there. I was an exchange student in Germany 10 years ago and haven't been back since. Next time I have to go.

Time Zones. Wow, it is really harder with such different time zones. Usually the biggest difference is east coast- west coast and he'll be finishing a show and going to bed right when I am, and it's perfect. But 9 HOURS different is crazy. He's going to bed and it's like 4 or 5pm here.

Sewing shirts. I've been sewing shirts like mad, preparing for the markets I'm selling in next week. I pulled out all my fabric the other night and was inspired and started cutting out sleeves from this fabric I had in my bin and I get about 3 shirts worth cut and realize... I cut into the fabric for our BEDROOM CURTAINS. oops. I dropped the scissors, ran into the bedroom with the tape measure and after measuring 3 times, realized phew, there is still plenty of fabric left for the curtains.

Housework. I'm totally not into it. I got really spoiled while Caleb was home for two months straight and with me being pregnant- Not having to clean the catbox or take out the trash. None of the dirty work. Luckily I have a face mask and gloves to protect me from the litter, but I will be way glad to hand those jobs back to him when he gets home.

Netflix watch it now. It's awesome. I've had the same movies sitting on top of my tv waiting to be mailed back for the last 3 weeks (something about taking them to a mailbox makes it so much harder to get done) but now that we can watch instantly online, I at least feel like I'm getting some of our money's worth.

TV seasons. What I am watching now is tv seasons. This is good, cause you can give them half attention- say like while sewing- and still be able to follow the story line. Also if you have a lot of alone time as I currently do, you can watch a marathon of them. I've almost finished watching Dexter Season 1.

Working Overtime. How much is our free time worth? I think about that often. Like ok, during my regular job, I make X amount of dollars per hour. And in an hour of work I think, ok, I just paid for a dinner out or I just made enough to buy a shirt or whatever. But then free time, hmmm... It makes sense that you should be paid time and a half (or more!) for cutting into your free time. It does seem more valuable. But why? Maybe because you've allotted yourself the 40 hours/week or the 8 hours/day to be at the office. I've been on call this weekend, and I had to work 7 hours yesterday and was really frustrated that I didn't get a lot of other stuff done because of it. But then afterward, I thought about what 7 hours of overtime would equal to and it didn't seem as big of a deal... Either way, I'll be glad when this weekend is over and I'm not on call anymore- Crazy to say that, I've never wanted a weekend to be over before. :)


Sarah said...

I'm all caught up with Dexter. I have 3 more episodes left of season 4. I am in love with this show. It only gets better and better after season 1. So keep watching!

Anonymous said...

Chris and I just started Dexter too! (Although, he skipped ahead and is already on Season 2)

Tanya said...

I'm always sad when bryan does overtime but the pay really does help...(then I am a little glad :D)
You look so cute with your baby bump, you are a gorgeous mom in the making!!!

Thomas said...

Money isn't everything. Stop working so much!