Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Just Ruined a Batch of White Chocolate Blondies-- BOO

My melted white chocolate chips, butter and sugar was overheated into a lump of thick chocolate in a pool of butter-- instead of "creamy and smooth".  
 I have now abandoned the baking for tonight and instead decided to post on my blog.

This year has started off with a bang.  I'll try to give a quick run through as to what's been going on with us and around us.

Starting with the most recent:

Caleb left today with his band to go on a 2 week tour.  They play in Vegas tonight and tomorrow night.  He just called and said they are staying at Circus Circus for $39 a night.  I think that's amazingly good deal, but mostly I'm just glad they're safe and warm.

I met with my learner tonight for the first time in over a month.  We had completely opposite vacation schedules this winter, but it was good to meet again and hopefully we'll buckle down and get through the program quickly.

My newborn twins (not mine actually) worked today on this show and I'm relieved that it worked out!

This part is especially for Sarah:

Here are the up close encounters I had with celebs in the last month- either at set or in meetings:


These two:





Who is best known from this role:

I actually introduced these two to the newborns that will play their baby on the above show.

All these encounters signify that a Huge amount of time was spent on set and working, which explains the 125 hours I put in during the last two weeks! yikes! that's a lot of work.  How long until retirement? ;)

Speaking of retirement... Caleb and I started this financial program late last year and recommend it to anyone who's wanting to pay off the past and begin saving for the future- Sounds cheesy, but makes total sense.  

And yes... I am still flossing.

I can't remember now if there is anything else I was going to mention, but it's late and I have a meeting in the morning, so I'll call it a night and post more later if I think of it.

Also- I have a huge sewing/knitting/crafting post coming up- just waiting for 1 picture and to finish one project.


Anonymous said...

I signed up for that program! So, definitely not cheesy, just great! :)

Thomas said...

Dear Aunt Claire,
I am glad you are having such success with the Dave Ramsey program so far. I am also debt free. It took a while to pay off my PowerWheels Escalade, but I'm glad to be rid of that payment!
Nephew Thomas

The Linabooty's said...

Jason Bateman = YUMMY

Lisa said...

I know, you are waiting on my picture. I am on it and will send it tonight. SORRY!
I wish we were in Vegas with CB. Remember Vegas? Oh.. the FUN memories.
What is the financial program you guys started?

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I am Loving all the celebs you've met! That is so fun. And I am happy to hear Caleb's band is doing well..but sorry you are all alone :( However, I am looking forward to more flossing updates!

makaya larson said...

ok I love secret life...I've been watching the episodes I missed last season on the website why don't you hook me up with Ricky's sweaty t-shirt or something;)
maybe just a signed pic
love you

Sarah said...

Shut up?! You were with all of them? Yes, I am jealous! And when I see you again, I need more detailed stories of what they said and if they were nice or mean. Oh, and I can't believe you worked 125 hours in 2 weeks. That's crazy! You have got to be exhausted! I love Jason Bateman from Arrested Development! We saw him at the premiere of Jon's movie Blades of Glory, but I didn't have the guts to walk up to him and say anything. I just stared from afar.