Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Hats

Better late than never I always say. Without further ado...
Stella's hat-
My first felting project ever. Originally knit for Rachel but accidentally felted to Stella's size. I added the cute cluster of poppies (I did not make the flowers).

I totally took this picture off Harmony's blog- I love it though! Such sweet brotherly love, and it shows Mason and Oliver's hats so well.

I made Mason's hat with one stripe and Oliver's hat with two because that is their order.
I have plans for a third hat for #3 with obviously three stripes. haha.

I love the snow covered hat in this pic!
Definitely some snow angels or something going on.

Thomas got green and blue and just 1 stripe.

And here the hat in use on a cold winter's day...

And finally my sister in law Annie's hat. I did hers different than the others.
There will be some revisions to the pattern and redo it for next year-
maybe with a pom pom! ;)


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

you are very talented! & all those kids are so cute. I love that close up of Thomas!! And the yellow hat with the flowers is really cute, I like what you did with it!

Tanya said...

I love them all. you are amazing. I like the pom pom idea. But the boys hats are all really cute the way they are. and they looked warm and were being put to good use already.

Rachel said...

you really do make adorable hats! i have been wearing my mustard one everyday! i love it! and is stella crossing her legs in that picture! so cute!

Claire said...

Yeah, Rachel, that's right... I don't have a picture of your hat to post.

Sarah said...

I will buy a hat from you if you make me one! I mean, what don't you do, Claire?! You are so talented! I love the idea of the number of stripes based on where the kid falls in the family. That's such a great idea!