Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Quilts

With the upcoming arrival of Harper, this year I planned ahead and actually finished a quilt BEFORE the baby was born and gave it to Harmony for Christmas.

Here is Harper modeling his quilt

And a close up of the name

And Harmony said that when Harper uses his quilt, Mason and Oliver go get theirs and here is a great pic of all of them.  I feel like I get better and more creative with each baby... 
so by the time I have one- I'll be pro!

And in honor of my quilts, and since I never posted one of Thomas with his-
 here's a cute butt in the air sleep pose.  
I really am surprised and touched when I come visit and they are actually in use.

If you are interested in seeing more "auntie claire quilts" 
you can see Levi's here, Jasper's here, and Stella's here


The Linabooty's said...

Last week we also found out that they make great tents!:)

Lisa said...

Our Lil Nugget is hoping for an Auntie Claire quilt too.
Hint, hint!! Wink, wink!! :-)

Claire said...

Auntie Claire is waiting to find out what said lil nugget is... Even though I'm thinking girl!

Sarah said...

Who knew you made quilts too?! Geez, just open up a shop already and sell your stuff!