Thursday, December 31, 2009

Illinois Baby shower pics

Mini Cupcakes made by my mom

The decorations-- wish the color exposure was better, but they were shades of pink and ornaments hanging from the ceiling over the table set with china and tea cups.

The hostesses - Makaya and Harmony

My mom with her tea cup.
Being a tea party, everyone had to wear hats,
and my mom was a very good sport to wear a flower on her head :)

My niece Stella (no longer will be the only girl! yay!)

Caleb's sister Rachel and me seated at the table

Me and my friend Shaina who I haven't seen since I moved here.
She knew me before I started dating Caleb and there aren't many who can say that anymore.

My brother's wife, Annie and I- bump to bump (She's due in May)
Wish I'd thought to hold my dress in a little under the stomach so I didn't look so huge. haha!