Thursday, December 31, 2009

Candy Cane Hunt

The next day was Monday and CB's family decided to do a "candy cane hunt" on their family's property. This involved a snow trail (fake snow) with candy canes hidden in the path and in the branches of the bushes nearby. The trail led up to a big banner of Frosty with Snowballs for a treat.

Assembling all the kids for a photo and pep talk is a tricky thing!

Harper (the youngest- until ours arrives)
love that single leftover tear. So sweet

The hunt begins- Jasper, Ollie and Levi (face hidden under the hat) carry their stockings to fill with the candy canes

Stella mid hunt

Stella and Mason spying Frosty at the end of the trail

Frosty and his snowball treats

CB eating a snowball