Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waiting for baby...

Since "Sadie" is now 4 days late (and counting) and my Dr's appointment today was cancelled (so that she could deliver someone else's baby) I have decided it is best to think positively. I am finally going to get a post up here about how lucky I am to have such great family and friends that I had 3 baby showers thrown for little miss (stubborn). ;)

They were all very different from each other and just perfect. The first one was a tea party shower with family and friends from Illinois back when I was visiting at Christmas.

The next shower I had was an awesome surprise~ I knew there was a shower that night, but didn't really know that much about it. Well, they threw the coolest theme shower I'd ever been to. It was held in the super cool lounge area in an apartment building downtown. I'm not very quick and was pretty nervous, so I didn't catch on to the theme, haha. There were top hats everywhere and stars and bunnies. Then Alli told me it was a magic theme. Uh, I LOVE magic. Perfect

Star cookies that Johanna made, they were delicious.

The food (all vegetarian!) was really tasty. And the set up was fancy

There was a cool candy/ cupcake bar set up. Yum

The cupcakes had bunnies and card shapes on them.

Then in walks a man in a suit and I'm thinking... why is there a GUY at a baby shower?
Until it hit me~ He's a MAGICIAN!!! Wow, wow, wow!
The show started and seriously, he did tricks I could not figure out.
Here he is with his magic rope. (You can also see how many of my lovely friends showed up to celebrate this baby girl)

Some of his other tricks included picking and correctly guessing cards, lighting money on fire and then bringing it back (a hundred dollar bill too!). I can't remember some of the other ones he did, but they were pretty cool and even being that close- I couldn't figure it out.

My friends spoiled her rotten with lots of presents.

Unfortunately I am not a good picture taker, so this is the one I'll post. I made a really goofy face, consistently in every picture when posing with each gift. Consistently. The same goofy raised eyebrow-uncomfortable-with-attention face.

After that magical evening, I had yet another fun party in store that weekend.
On Sunday afternoon, my friends from work threw me a great shower with lots of games and prizes.

I was given a crown "New Mom to Be" and a ribbon to wear

This was probably the best tasting cake I've ever had. They got it from Pavilions. It had strawberry/whip cream filling and whipped icing. Seriously delicious.

Sandwiches, fried chicken, chips and salsa, veggies and dip. So much to eat and drink.
I stood by the food for probably 45 minutes just snacking :)

Jami, Tanya, Lauren and Karen

Leslie, Lilly and Mariann (2 of the hostesses) me and Lauren

Cute little Lila wearing my crown.
Lila is the granddaughter of Laura (the other hostess) who opened up her house for us.

I didn't get very many pictures (and even though I tried hard not to make a goofy face in the present pics, I mostly did, so I'll be avoiding those again too) but there were so many sweet girls from the office there. And we played game after game after game. Clothespins, memory, bingo (which I won! haha), chocolate poop diaper guessing game. It was great!


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Aw! You ARE loved! I love all the pics & I mostly love seeing your cute belly! I wish I could have come up for the showers, dang feet!

I hope she comes soon! Hang in there & keep staying positive!


Tanya said...

you are so cute, I'm glad your little girl has been so celebrated. I can't wait for to meet her it will be fun, hang in there she will come...