Wednesday, March 17, 2010

broken machines

Grrr. What's that old saying- Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
Anyway, yesterday (during day 2 of housewife-ness) I decided it was a good time to wash the rest of the baby stuff - particularly the outfits CB picked out for her going home choices, so that I can finally pack our hospital bag (I mean, she's due next week right? haha)
So I pack a light, but still pretty good size basket of clothes and walk it down the stairs with my brand new roll of quarters. And the washers are not in use. Perfect.
I have all these motivating ideas of laundry and cleaning the bedroom as I load 4 quarters into the first machine. Shut the lid. Nothing. I check the plug. Well, my motivating ideas are turning into- I just don't want to walk this back up the stairs 9 months pregnant... So I load 4 quarters into the other washer, close the lid- Nothing! By this time I'm frustrated. $2 lost. Laundry down the stairs. I use my phone to call the repair company and file a work order.
They don't know if the repair guy will be by this afternoon, so I begrudgingly walk the basket back up the stairs. But not before I go get post it notes to mark that they are broke, so that no one else has to fall victim to the same misfortune I did.
Flash forward to last night- CB gets home and we decided to go across the street for Thai food. As we are passing the laundry room, we see someone in the room with clothes, so we think, wow- they came to repair it fast. So this morning, as Caleb is leaving for work, I have him carry the basket down the stairs and into the laundry room. The note is on the left washer still, but the right one is noteless, so I think, oh- I guess this one is working. Load in my $1 in quarters and shut the lid- NOTHING!
I can't believe that it got me again! And the hospital bag is STILL not packed. A lot of people requested/predicted that I would have the baby today, but I would rather not, so I'm keeping her in. haha


Thomas said...

Next time you should use something stickier than post it notes

Thomas said...

and get that bag packed for Sadie's certainly won't want to do it while you are in labor and worse still would be if she has to wear the hospital clothes home!

Elise and Ella-Jean said...

2 Things:
Please please please have CB take a picture of you right now. And post it in your next blog.

Also, I packed my bag while in labor, it was a disaster. But dont stress about getting it done, cause stress will cause you to go into labor :)