Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FYI- Pregnancy = baby

Tonight we had our maternity tour and pre-registration at the hospital. Right before we left, we walked by the postpartum nursery and saw a few of the new babes in their bassinets... and it hit us right then- Wow. We're going to go to the hospital some time in the next 6 weeks and when we leave, it will be with a baby. Funny that we reacted the exact same way in the same moment. It's getting very real.

The more items we check off our to-do list (it's 3 pages long- TYPED!) the more excited I get for her arrival. We did our 8 hour long all in 1 day birthing class on Sunday. I feel just a teensy bit more prepared for that part, I guess. My biggest job right now is to keep her in. Caleb is doing a mini tour from February 21- March 1st and she is NOT allowed out until he gets back. We have an ultrasound scheduled for a week from tomorrow, so hopefully that would indicate any complications that would throw a wrench in these plans before he leaves. (KNOCK ON WOOD) But I really feel like I have had a "by the book" pregnancy so far, so I figure I'll probably not have her until the week she's due.
I'll try to think of something else to write about for the next time... this is turning fast into a pregnancy blog... boring.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

She must stay til he comes home!!

I love the pics, you are so cute pregnant!! I am so so excited for you to ALMOST have her.

Miss you lady! Thanks for the update, I love hearing how you are doing!

Elise and Ella-Jean said...

Pregnancy Blog= NOT boring. It's quite exciting actually to hear the details. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

Sarah said...

Not boring! It's cool to hear about it. And it's cool that you have it recorded. This is the kind of stuff you and your daughter are going to wish you could remember and want to look back on when she's older. I've already forgotten so much and wished I'd written more.

Beth said...

I ditto everything Sarah said. How can a baby coming into the world be BORING. It's a miracle and amazing!!!