Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am pretty much a genius shopper...

That is what I came up with earlier.

A week ago, we got an ad in the mail from Babies R Us saying that if you bring in your used baby items (car seat, stroller, playpen, high chair or bassinet), you can get 25% off a new item (in certain categories/brands). Here I am thinking... I don't have any used big ticket type baby items. How can I take part in this great deal? So yesterday, I started looking at Craigslist- thinking if I could get a cheap something I could trade it in for our travel system. I didn't see anything super cheap on craigslist or not convenient enough to go get. I drove "the long way" to babies r us this morning to pass by as many yard sales as possible to see what I could find. I thought I hit the motherload when I saw a yard sale with 2 car seats and a bassinet. But they were in pretty good shape and nice brands and priced at $50 and $60~ not going to work for my $55 discount. I run into the thrift store and there it is~ a pink dingy car seat priced at $10.99. Woohoo! Standing in line for the cash register I see that Saturday is 30% off used item day!!!! Meaning I got the car seat for $7.70! Sweet! So for my 15 minutes of searching and my $7.70 investment, I saved $55!!

Here it is in all it's glory, our new travel system...

Since the box was kind of heavy and bulky, I got it up the stairs (Caleb was out of town for the day) by opening the box and taking it up the stairs piece by piece. I'm sure I looked hilarious. Once I got it up the stairs, I put it all back in the box- haha. Not quite ready to have it out and about yet, but it does feel responsible to have it. Maybe because having a car seat means we would be allowed to take her home from the hospital.

6 weeks from today is her due date. It's still going really fast.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Omg she is coming so soon!!!

I am really impressed with your shopping sills. Nice work! I am sure you will get plenty of things are your baby shower too! :)