Monday, February 15, 2010

Genius Shopper Part 2

Today I stumbled upon a great deal! I had received an email from saying they were offering free shipping today only and thought... we should really take advantage of this to buy our dresser for the baby. I went online and even though I'd picked one out in the past from there, nothing today was catching my eye. Still, free shipping is a good deal on something as heavy as a dresser, so I didn't quite want to give it up yet. We had talked about looking at the unpainted furniture store down the street from our place, so I decided that I'd run check there really quick to make sure there wasn't something better, before settling on one online. The unpainted furniture store is right next door to a baby store that I'd already looked at and written off as way too expensive. But as I passed by there today, I noticed that they had some discounted pieces on the sidewalk out front. LO AND BEHOLD- the most perfect dresser was right there, marked 50% off. It was everything I wanted for her dresser: dark colored wood, drawers on the left/door with shelves on the right, flat top where we can put a changer AND it was some things I didn't know that I wanted: silver knobs, smooth sloping lines (rather than a box with drawers), 2 small top drawers instead of a 3rd bigger one and SOLID WOOD. With the discount, it ended up being the same price as the lower quality model I'd nearly bought online from Target a week or so ago since tax and shipping was factored into that. CB loaded it up in the van, drove it home, his friends that are visiting helped carry it up the stairs and I filled it with her things this afternoon.

I'm just slightly jealous of her fancy dresser (CB and I have the Ikea style that look like boxes with drawers), but I'm glad she has such a nice piece of furniture (and I'm going to make her use it forever). Here's a picture of the dresser I took from the website. There is a matching crib but we're probably not going to get that until we move to a bigger place.

Which style dresser and which car seat/stroller have been 2 of the biggest decisions we've had to make with picking out "her gear". I've been looking online and changing my mind back and forth since October. It is such a relief to have those decisions made and carried out... not to mention 2 big checkmarks on our 3 page to-do list (typed!).
PS- And good thing about the genius shopper part... because we spent A LOT of money this weekend! Oh well... doing our part for the economy right?


Hillary said...

Ooh! I absolutely love the dresser :) It is sooo pretty!

Stevens Family said...

I love the dresser! What a great find! I love it when I can find good deals like that.

Elise and Ella-Jean said...

That is awesome!

Thomas said...

Very nice dresser! I'm jealous, mine is more box-like.