Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trophy Day!

This spring, our nephew Haven played TeeBall. He's been a baseball fan probably since birth, so it was really great to get to see him learn the game and play on a team. Yesterday marked the end of the season and the Trophy Ceremony. Haven's parents, Mick and Schae, signed up to volunteer at the beginning of the season and ended up with their own team. They were fantastic coaches. They were so enthusiastic and encouraging to every kid on the team.

The coaches were recognized first at the ceremony and here they are waiting for their plaques. (those 3 kids weren't really supposed to be there, but they stood up there the whole time! It was really funny)

Then Mick and Schae took the trophies back to their team and handed them out 1 by 1. Mick would give a little intro to each one. I haven't seen Haven so excited before. He was smiling sooo big and was fidgeting nervously. His first trophy.

This video is of Mick announcing Haven's trophy and also of their "team chant" which they'd do before and after every game.

Haven posing proudly with his trophy.

The parents went together and gave Mick and Schae a few gifts. One was a photo collage of all the kids on the team. Another was a golden glove trophy. Finally they gave them a game ball signed by all the kids on the team.

Haven watching Mick open the gifts.

Haven signs the team ball.

Haven and Mick with their trophies.


Haven at bat. 1 strike and then a single to 1st! Video cuts out before he gets there, but he really did make it all the way!

My favorite part of the game

Haven and his best friend Gaby


The Linabooty's said...

Claire thank you SOOO much for posting these I ALMOST felt like I was there. I even teared up a little I really miss you all!

makaya larson said...

I should just say ditto to Harmony's comment man I'm such an over emotional mom.
These were great thanks claire;)
love u