Sunday, June 7, 2009

I heart Craigslist

Now that Caleb is home, we are taking care of some business. And today, we paid our final payment on our credit card! Woop!

As a reward to ourselves for this hard work (we've been carrying that credit card debt since before we were married!), we set aside some extra money to get a laptop, since our computer has been crashing. It's a Mac too, I thought those weren't supposed to crash. Anyway, we kept looking on, and trying to budget it in... but then Caleb found a cute little laptop (in our neighborhood!) for less than half the price of a new one! It is a couple years old, but the guy had just had the newest operating system reinstalled- so it's good as new! Our new laptop has a built in camera and a fun program photobooth. Here are the highlights from this afternoon.

Regular Black and White- bored

Pop Art Style - probably one of the better pics of me ever taken-
Thank goodness for overexposure! ;)

Comic Book Effect-
I think I was trying to look upset or frightened like those comic book girls

Photo Booth Effect

Another craigslist success story- Yesterday we got a water cooler! We had been noticing the tower of empty plastic 2 1/2 gallon jugs in our kitchen waiting to be recycled and we thought- yeah, it's good that we recycle, but it'd be even better if we could reduce. (Our old apartment building has rusty pipes, so drinking the tap water is out of the question) We found the water cooler for $40 and it was in Studio City too! We have two jugs to drink and then we'll head off to the recycling place with the last of the empties, and make the switch completely!! I'm not looking foward to carrying the big heavy bottles up our stairs, but at least we'll have to do it less often, and I can switch to the smaller size while Caleb's on tour. Also, our cooler has on/off switches, so we can turn off the heat side during the summer or when we don't anticipating needing hot water as often. I'm glad for that feature, it's way more energy efficient.
This girl is looking forward to quick and easy hot chocolates this winter.


Crazy Lady said...

claire, you are so pretty. i heart craigslist too. although nobody bought my hoo

Thomas said...

Dear Aunt Claire,
Good job on the credit card! What's next on the list, the Element? Thanks for the cool T-Shirt! Go Dave Ramsey!

Your Debt-Free Nephew,

The Linabooty's said...

I heart Craigslist too!!! We bought a couch, shelf and stroller from there. Love the pics!! You too are adorable!

Sarah said...

Yeah! You paid off your credit card!

I gotta agree with Brooke. You are gorgeous! You should seriously blow up and frame the picture of you in the pop art style. Love it! I actually really love the one of you and Caleb looking bored too. Very cute to me. Cute couple!