Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Becoming an Adult

I'm sure there are many events that happen in our lives that make us feel like we are finally an "adult". Usually the next event will come and we'll realize that we were in fact, not yet the adult that we thought we were.
The events in my life have been:
Signing the lease to my first apartment (I was actually only 17, boy was I not an adult yet)
Graduating college
Getting Married
Moving 2000 miles away from my home
Turning 25
Not moving in more than 3 years
Finding out that my Dad isn't invincible.
I don't know if it's a daughter thing, but I never imagined that my Dad could get sick. He's having surgery tomorrow morning. If you pray, please say a prayer for him. That his surgery goes smoothly. That his recovery is quick. That once it's gone, it stays gone.
I know that he is going to be fine, but I believe in the power of prayer, and every little bit helps. Thanks.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear your Dad is not doing well, Claire. I will for sure keep him in my prayers. Keep us updated. We will pray for good news!

Anonymous said...

Same. I will definitely pray for your Dad Claire! I too believe in the power of prayer. Please keep me updated too.

Beth said...

Will do Claire!!! Thinking of him and sending lots of love.

Tanya said...

We will definitely keep him and your family in our prayers, keep us updated

Brent and Emily said...

consider it done.

The Linabooty's said...

I'll pray for big Tom too Claire!
Love you!

makaya larson said...

Everything will be great I'm sure of it! Red Heads are tough!
We love you and will pray for your family

Rachel said...

yes, red heads are tough! Don't worry, everything will be ok. I will say lots of prayers. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your kindness and prayers. After a little more than 2 weeks from having my right kidney removed due to cancer I am back to work and everyone thinks it is a miracle that I am well so fast. I know it was. Thanks again Tom Imboden

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