Friday, June 12, 2009

Snowmen in a Blizzard

First off, Thank you to everyone for your prayers and concern. My dad made it through surgery yesterday and today he was up walking about and in pretty good spirits. I wish I could've been there to support him through this, but I did send him one large, obnoxious singing balloon. In my defense, I really had no choice- the balloon sings "Don't worry be happy" and my dad used to sing us that song in the car when we were kids. It was fate. He should be allowed to go home on Sunday and will hopefully be good as new before too long.

I've had a busy week with work. I'm doing the sequel to a Summer blockbuster I was credited in last year (you may remember hearing about it). I can't actually say anything about it though, due to the 14 page confidentiality agreement I signed. Let's just say, there is only one more month left of production- and I'm ready for a break!

Did anyone else procrastinate and watch their tv go to snow one channel at a time today? We have been anti-cable since 2006, when I watched an entire summer of Sweet Sixteen and felt my brain melting, and never made a decision about buying a new tv or cashing in our converter coupon... which is now expired. I find it really hilarious that we don't have TV, by the way. I guess we'll live on netflix and tv on the internet for a few days to see which direction we should go. I think I'll miss my mornings with Regis the most...


Sarah said...

Dan keeps telling me that we need to quit paying our Dish network bill and get rid of our DVR and not have TV. I would die without TV! I know it's sad, but I really love it. I know there's Netflix and TV on the internet, but oh how I love my DVR.

I'm so happy your Dad is okay. I think your gift sounds hilarious! I bet your Dad got a real kick out of it!