Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I heart NY

I'm back from my long weekend trip as a groupie.
I had a great time in New York, plus it was really nice to see Caleb.
We went to Brooklyn, ate Indian food, they played a show.
We went to Manhattan, ate Indian food, they played a show.
That's actually a run down of the first two days! haha
And then on his day off on Monday- we went to the Statue of Liberty. We decided to take the ferry over, and I'm glad that we did. I took this picture with my phone camera. I have a roll of film to develop and then I'll post some more pictures up here.
Caleb and I went to see the Broadway musical, Rock of Ages, which actually turned out to be pretty funny and entertaining. Even though it was pricey, ($62 each at half price!) I'm glad we went. You can't really put a price on culture, can you? Rock of Ages is an 80's rock musical starring American Idol's Constantine, but we enjoyed it inspite of him. He's even up for a Tony.
The band had a great response in NY, a lot of people came to see them again (since they were just there last month). I'll see him again in less than two weeks- I'm going to fly up to Portland/Seattle for Memorial Day weekend and meet up with him again there.

And now for a funny story of my arrival to Philadelphia:
Personally, I've never really been into animal prints. They just aren't really my style. (Well, that's not entirely true- Caleb and I did this horrible matching leopard print look for Senior Homecoming when we were on court. I mean- wow- that's probably one of my top 5 worst outfits of all time and it's in the yearbook for all to see for years to come) So anyway, Caleb had already taken our other luggage filled with merchandise (tshirts, cds and records) to Illinois at the start of the tour. They had reordered some of the shirts and sold out of records, so he asked me to bring some out. Sure, I can handle that. I ask around the office for a medium sized roller bag and this guy says sure, he has a wife and two daughters= plenty of extra luggage. So Thursday morning, he tells me- I'm going to bring you one of my daughter's suitcases. Oh, thanks! That's Awesome. And he says "It's girly too, I think it's zebra print". I gulp (beggars can't be choosers) and think- you know- I've seen a lot of zebra print lately, it's probably in style, that's not too bad, sure. When he comes back with the bag that afternoon, he says, nope he was mistaken, it was leopard print. (Once again, nothing bad with leopard print bags, just not my personal style... considering the above horror outfit story, I have probably been traumatized against the print for life) Thanks! That's awesome! Ok, fast forward to Philadelphia, where I've landed and am now grabbing my bag off the carousel (definitely easy to spot) and heading to the ground transportation desk to inquire about the cost to take a cab to West Chester (a suburb- where the band was playing that night). While I'm waiting for the answer to get radio'd back in, this cabbie looking guy approaches me and asks where I need to go. He talks to Caleb on the phone to get the feel of where this place is and tells me that it'll cost $75. The guy at the desk confirms- $70 plus or minus a few dollars, so I think, ok sure. The "cabbie" (Greek I think) tells Caleb "Ok, I will bring your wife" and slides closed the phone. Caleb called me back a few seconds later saying that he was freaked out that he heard a man say that and then the phone line went dead. He said that he freaked out and thought "I'm never going to see Claire again"
Anyway, so the guy is wheeling my leopard print bag and leading me to his "cab" which turns out to be a 1980's brown stretch limousine. I gasp again. He is putting my bag in the trunk, telling me that I'm getting a deal since he's charging me the cab rate and not the limousine rate, but all I'm thinking is that I'm going to step out of an old brown limousine with my leopard print suitcase in front of the little dive bar where they were playing. HAHAHA What a diva!


Brent and Emily said...

That Philly story is truly awesome. All you really needed were incredibly long, fake, read fingernails. :)

Tanya said...

Hillarious claire, I am glad you had a good time. I don't know how you do it really. I would go crazy...Maybe partly because of the kids though. I loved your philly story. I get to hear a lot of philly stories because that is where Bryan went on his Mission. This story seems to play into other ones I have heard...so funny!!!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

hahahahha. CLASSIC!!! I am so glad you had a great trip! And no one stole your purse, a success! :) Congrats to the band for doing so great on their tour! Wohoo!

The Linabooty's said...

Those guys in Tweak Bird are pretty classy to hook you up with such a nice ride to their show:) Did you wear your stilettos?

Too funny Claire:) Cool pic of lady liberty too!