Friday, February 6, 2009

Have you seen this man?


1 husband.  

This is an old picture, but I imagine him to look this tired.

Last spotted:

Several miles south of Canada- Note on Map below

This is the farthest away that he goes on this tour,
 and starting tonight after their show, he'll be making his way home to arrive mid Monday.  

Which means I have just 2 1/2 more days before he's here and only 2 1/2 more days to finish the to do list I gave myself.

I did make one more dress- this one 3T... maybe for Stella ;) - with plans to start a 2nd one.
I DID finish (FINALLY) Harmony's Mei Tai carrier.  I am going to have to get a decent picture of it before I mail it out tomorrow.
I did clean up the mess and put away all the clean clothes (plus did additional laundry!) but I promptly remade the mess with completion of above dress and carrier... so back on the list.
I have watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl and I am hooked!
I have watched and learned several steps from the dance... but it is proving a little more difficult than I originally anticipated.  This will probably take many more "sessions"
I have not attempted a skirt for me, so that's still on the list too.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Love the update. YAY he is almost home!! And I love GG, its totally a guilty pleasure.

makaya larson said...

Yea! A dress for Stella now you have to give it to her you blogged it!
Can't wait to see it in the mail;)!
love you