Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adventures in Mei Tai's

Last October, Harmony put me up to a major challenge:
She really wanted a mei tai carrier for Christmas and hoped that I could make it for her.
I had never actually made a Mei Tai before-- I actually had never even seen one in person.
She sent me this link to show me the style she liked and I found this tutorial to get the general idea of how it'd come together.
The pre-Christmas sewing rush included finishing this quilt, and so I had to bring all the Mei Tai fabrics with me to my mom's hoping she could help me tackle this beast of a project. We got a great start on it, and I had enough of it done by Christmas to give it to her with an IOU to finish it and mail it back. And to celebrate Harper's being one month old, I actually did finish it and sent it on.
Today I got a lovely email with these pictures. Without further ado...
My interpretation of the Mei Tai
(modeled by Harmony- looking hot mama! and Harper)

I'm thinking it will be big enough to grow with him,
and may even fit better once he does get a bit bigger.

Bird's Eye view of Harper all snuggled up


Tanya said...

looks like you did an amazing job. Very impressive. and very cute. great job.

makaya said...

its amazing claire! I would totally want one too if it didn't mean I would have to have another kid;)
p.s. harper looks cute in it too

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

You are so talented. That is amazing to me. You need to be my sewing teacher:)

Crazy Lady said...

good job claire. thats awesome.

Hillary said...

Wow, that looks really complicated and it turned out so beautifully. When are you starting your own line of apparel and accessories?

Sarah said...

Once again, Claire, you are so talented and amazing!