Monday, November 24, 2008

World Traveling!

We leave for England a week from tomorrow and I'm so excited about it!  This band is playing this festival...

It has become all I can think about (well, that and Christmas!!!- I started playing Christmas music at home even though Caleb sometimes lets me and sometimes complains that it is too early).  Today at work, I was having a very busy day and I kept saying, "wow! I really could use a week in England!" and "Geez, Work Stinks!  Good thing I only have 3 work days until I leave for England!"  Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving festivities at work.  I need to make my world famous strawberry cake, since my team is providing the desserts.  I was in charge of the potluck this year, and I had the brilliant (hopefully- we'll see tomorrow I guess) idea that since the office is providing the main courses that we should have each of the 5 teams provide a course for the potluck, thinking that they'll feel more responsible that way- like- What nothing to drink!?  Team 2 you slackers!  (the last potluck that we had in October only 5 people brought sides for 50 of us!)  I am excited to eat the strawberry cake tomorrow, but can't seem to get motivated to make it tonight.  Even though my kitchen is very clean, which always helps.  Other things I'm not so motivated to do are all the sewing projects and knitting projects that will turn into Christmas presents.
Ok, I'm rambling- alright time to get to work.


Sarah said...

England?! I am JEALOUS!!!

Thomas said...

Dear Auntie Claire,
I sure hope that you get motivated to knit. My head and fingers are getting cold in this winter weather!