Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bloooooood... ew

Disclaimer- Talk about Blood- not for the weak stomach!

Last night, Caleb and I participated (for the very first time) in a blood drive.
I am terrified of the whole business: needles, blood, willingly getting rid of blood, even the finger stick to test iron levels freaks me out.  But this time, I decided that it was time to get over that and prove to myself that I was brave.  

Here is the nurse wrapping my arm in the bright blue bandage tape after I finally finished filling my blood bag. Yuck  I am pretty sure this guy didn't like me at first (probably cause I was crying just a little- That's the way I roll, I usually freak myself to tears about something I am worried about and then I calm down once it has actually began- this was no different), but by this point he was joking around with me, telling Caleb that I wasn't allowed to cook or clean for 72 hours and stuff like that and being really nice.  I think I was pretty entertaining during the 20 minutes I was lying there. 

This picture is pretty indicative about how Caleb took the whole situation... He was amazing at giving blood.  He had a great vein (unlike me- I had to switch arms), filled his blood sack about 5 minutes faster than I did, and didn't feel weak or sick at all and all the while looked cool doing it.  

I didn't really get sick, but it was actually pretty gross to feel the pressure changes in my arm at various stages of blood removal.  Nasty! 

Today we both feel pretty good.  Weak at points.  My finger stick still hurts, I am pretty sure she hit bone, but other than that we are A-okay!  We will probably not be as scared next time we have the chance to donate blood.


Hillary said...

Okay, that was descriptive, funny and just a little bit gross. You totally made me laugh - is it bad to laugh at a blood drive - especially when you said that you were crying a little bit before it started. Love the pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

good for you! I'm a wimp...a few years ago Chris was giving platelets for a sweet young gal, like once a month...I conned him into it at first. I was like, "I can't! I don't weigh enough...You gotta do it for the team!" Fast forward to now, I WEIGH ENOUGH and haven't donated. I've now been inspired to do drive, I'm scared but there! :)

The Linabooty's said...

Claire you are too funny! Good job! I haven't donated blood since 99 in Bowen Gym yikes:) C.B. you look cool too:)

Brent and Emily said...

Good job! I hate needles but I've given blood a few times now it's not so bad. It's actually really good for your body. It forces you to make lots of new, fresh blood. Kinda like a detox for the blood system. Go you!!

Sarah said...

That last picture of you made me laugh out loud. What a "bloody", funny post! Pun intended.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

hahaha! Your pics are awesome! & I kind of gagged a little when you said you think she hit the bone!! Ack!!

Thomas said...

Wow, Aunt Claire, real impressive. Not. Why don't you try getting a cast and see how that is, you wimp. That's something that truly takes courage. However your comment about making your self cry sounds like a story my dad told me about you rappelling at Giant City. Or not rappelling, I should say. Anyway, I hope Uncle CB doesn't buy that crap about not cooking and cleaning, I'll email him and let him know it is a crock.
Nephew Thomas

beth said...

I gave blood that day too and it was crazy there. Maybe b/c I brought my kids (with Tanya's help) - not recommended though. I felt the same way you did. Nervous! UGH. But it's a good thing to do!

Tanya said...

yes as Beth said, We were there, They wouldn't take my was too Good for them, ha ha ha. But I did try and I was nervous too because I have never given blood...and still haven't. Your pictures cracked me up.