Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pudding Pie and Presents!

Here is a hodge-podge of a post! Our camera charger is lost somewhere in our house... so we have a dead camera and no good pictures. Fortunately, I have been taking mediocre pictures with my camera phone. haha!

This is a chocolate pudding pie that I made Saturday. The chocolate pie crust is store bought, the whip topping is store bought.... but the pudding is homemade from SCRATCH! Thank goodness for my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook. I was a little nervous about putting 2 egg yolks into a pudding... but it worked and Elise and Caleb both said it was delicious. And of course, I added the chocolate shavings for presentation :)
This is a wipe case that I decorated. Thank you to Pam for the idea! I am giving this to Elise for her baby shower since she is having a little girl. If anybody would like one of these, let me know... I have made 2 so far, but only for girls. I would really like to try to make a cool boy one.

These are burp cloths that I sewed for Elise too. I have had a lot of extra time at work this week to search the internet, and I've seen some burp cloths that are kind of "reversed" with the white soft section in the middle and the printed fabric on the edges. I might try making that soon too.
I still have to finish the backpack surprise I'm making for Dave to use at Kindergarten. Once I get that done, I hope to post some pictures. Hint- it features a really awesome monkey.


Spikers said...

YOU are so creative. I wish I was as good at desserts as you! I am the WORST at baking! But I am happy you are good at it, because when you bring it to work I get to eat it! YUM!
love you!!

beth said...

I love all of the stuff you make! Those burp cloths are adorable.