Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Updates and Belated Birthdays

I've been pretty swamped at work the past few weeks and so I haven't had much time to update on my blog. Don't let my boss know, but I do my best blogging at the office. Just kidding ;) Caleb is visiting in Illinois working on writing the new album, so I have the place to myself for a couple more days. When he gets back, we're going to paint our bedroom and living room and do a minor redecorate! I'm pretty excited. We rarely redecorate because we usually move first, but being here for a few years- I'm ready to mix some things up!

Since my blogging has taken a backseat to my working- I've missed some birthday shout outs.

My older brother, Tom turned 29 this past Friday!
We looked a lot alike as kids... but now I don't see it as much. Maybe it's the beard.
Anyway, Tom, his wife Annie and Thomas are coming to visit us next week and I'm pretty excited! It's their first trip out and it'll be fun to take them to all the cool hotspots- the beach, Disneyland, Hollywood, etc

Also celebrating his birthday on Friday- is my brother in law Micah! 28! Woop woop!
(I don't have a picture of Micah on the new laptop yet, but hopefully CB will bring back a camera full of pictures!)

And to wrap up the weekend-
Happy Belated Birthday to my mother-in-law who celebrated her day on Saturday with a family birthday party that CB got into town just in time to attend. I always feel more left out and homesick when our families get together without us there- but I'm really glad he made it.

I love you guys and miss you! Hope you had great days!


Rachel said...

we missed having you here too claire! see you in august! love ya

Anonymous said...

I still think you guys look a lot alike. Love Dad