Friday, April 3, 2009

Swap Done Part 2

I received my part of the swap last night! Because I am not preggo, I was pretty general as far as what could be made, since I wasn't sure if I'd give away, or save what I got.
I was soo excited to come home from work and find the box at my door. It was pretty big, but really light- Here's what I got:

2 burp cloths- the other side is a soft white flannel.
a pair of soft shoes
a chocolate brown boppy pillow
a brown felt hat

Aren't these so adorable?! I love owls and I love that they are easily boy or girl

I like the shape of these burp cloths - I will definitely try making these shoes too!

In conclusion... I will most likely not be giving any of this away.
As I held them, I was thinking, "These will be for MY baby"- Someday.
Then I had a weird dream last night, that I had a baby (it was a girl), but that I was a horrible mother. In the dream, I chalked it up to not having read What to Expect when You're Expecting... and so (in the dream) I went to the library to get the book. Weird, huh?
(**** I am pretty sure that I had that dream, because my cousin Lisa, had her baby last night!!!! It's a boy! Congrats Lisa! I'll post a picture up here soon***)


makaya larson said...

Oooh the burp cloths are cute and the shoes are adorable! So boy or girl too!
Yes post a pic of your new nephew I want to see him;)

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are soooo cute!

I love the funny dream. :) I've been having A LOT of those. One included my ex-boyfriend. We finally got back together, the time was right, it was "meant to be", and then he told a joke and he wasn't funny---all of a sudden I remembered there was Chris in my life. Weird.

Thomas said...

I'd totally would have burped all over those when I was little. You sure make and get such nice stuff. You are so crafty, Aunt Claire!!

beth said...

All of your stuff is so cute. I keep waiting for your big SALE!!!!

I love the dream. And when you do have a baby he/she will have the coolest stuff in town. All the other babies will be jealous. :)