Monday, March 9, 2009

Watch out World!

I'm cranky this week.

Is it because I had to work both Saturday and Sunday and haven't had a day off in 10+ days (and counting)?

Is it because as of Friday afternoon, Caleb will be leaving for another tour and I will once again become a "single wife"?

No, the real reason, according to Glamour Magazine's Horoscope section:
It is because "aggressive Mars has entered into my relationship house and is causing me to be cranky". So there you go. My alignment is off- I can't help it.

And speaking of Glamour Magazine...
Last spring, I worked on a series of 3 short films Glamour does each year where prominent women in Hollywood get their directorial debut. The movies are up on the website.
If you have time (and Itunes) check them out.

That is how I met with her
(alas we are still not the close friends that I was hoping we'd become)


Mini said...

hey crank-a-saurus, i like that you have changed up the color scheme, however, i still can't read the orange that well. And I used to love 'choose your own adventure' book when i was younger, so I won't hold that against you.

Anonymous said...

come hang out with me when caleb's gone! :)

chris is at work 6 days a week so i've got to get in some girl time!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I very much love your new background & name. And Im sorry you are cranky...I understand, seeing as your horoscope explains EVERYTHING!Ps. we need to hang out, so we can be cranky together. Lets plan something during "single-wifehood"