Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here I go again on my own...

(Why Yes, I am quoting a whitesnake song for my title)

Caleb and his brother left yesterday for SXSW Music festival in Austin TX.
Last night they played a show at an Indian Reservation in Arizona... It sounded like it was the perfect kick off to their spring tour(s).

I'm trying to be very motivated and productive while he's gone this time and to keep me on track I signed up for I am a list maker by nature- To do lists, Shopping lists, Pros and Cons lists, etc. Having an online list is a little more fun- and obviously more green, No paper!

This past week, our friend Elise came into town and brought Ella-Jean. Elise is moving to Arkansas next week. So this lunch was both a catch up and a farewell.

Caleb, me and EJ... Note the shirt I'm wearing-- yes I did make that :)

Ella-Jean was sooo good and cute and fun.

Good luck Elise, we'll miss you guys!

This picture was left over from my mom's trip out here. We went to the Getty and took the garden tour. It's really cool when you take the time to appreciate all the thought and symmetry and movement and flow that goes into something like this:


Tanya said...

wow, I love that shirt, How cool is that. How long is Caleb going to be gone this time? and Arkansas? what is in Arkansas?

Rachel said...

LOVE the shirt claire! cute pics!

Mari Elizabeth Couture said...

You are a trooper, I have complete faith that you will get a lot accomplished while he is away. And I heart that shirt, you are such a sewing inspiration!

Sarah said...

Love the new blog layout! I LOVE your shirt. Could you make one for me in maternity size? Seriously, when are you going to open your clothing store? I love everything you do!

The Linabooty's said...

Ha Ha I found one..." i saw you all in concert but unfourtunately my baby sis got into a ... Bone Thugs N Harmony" It doesn't really count but I'll take it:):)
p.s. Make me shirt like that!