Monday, August 25, 2008

Wowwee 26 is going to be a great year!

So far I am having a fabulous birthday!
This weekend, we didn't end up going to San Francisco. I had a bit of a cold this last week and on Friday I was just feeling so worn out and couldn't even imagine walking uphill and down all weekend in San Francisco. So instead Mom and I went downtown and shopped around all day Saturday. We went to the Americana on Brand Saturday night, it was my first time and was so fancy and beautiful!
On Sunday we went to Catalina Island. We kayaked to Frog Rock and CB jumped off this huge rock and into the ocean. I took a video but I wasn't thinking and took it sideways... I will probably post it later anyway, cause it was a really rad jump.
Last night, we found out that the Surfing magazine that (Caleb's Band) CD was on came out. They have the entire back cover! They are so famous now... Here it is! My sister in law, Makaya took the picture for the cd cover and my lovely niece and nephews are the models.

My cousin, Lisa is the best!
She is a teacher and just called me with her entire classroom singing me happy birthday!
Thanks Lisa! Thanks Lisa's Class! :)


Sarah said...

Sweet magazine ad of Tweak Bird!

Spikers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That magazine is AWESOME~Congrats to the band! & to the photographer! I haven't checked your blog in a while, and I am loving catching up on all your posts! You are providing me with such entertainment!!

Lisa said...

I am not the best. I am late getting your present to you again. I promise to mail it this weekend. Glad you had fun with your mom. The magazine cover is great! Congrats CB! You did it!

Beth said...

I love the ad! Glad you're having a great B-day!