Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catalina Pics, Magic Pics, Birthday Pics

This weekend we went to Catalina with my mom. We saw a few dolphins on the way over there.
We kayaked
CB jumping off Frog Rock...
(sorry turn head to the left... I wasn't thinking. Can you believe I went to film school!? haha)

Monday I only worked a half day and we met up with Tawny and the boys at Shakey's to have some pizza and cake.
Me and Dave and my Red Velvet Birthday Cake
(thanks mom it was delicious!)

2 Brothers just hanging out...

Then Monday night, CB, Mom, Mick, Schae and I went to the Magic Castle for a magic birthday. I wore a dress that Mom bought me from downtown for $20! I called it my "high fashion dress" because the sleeves are all poofy and the neckline has this really nice pleating detail. I had to remove the 80's tstrap thing in the back, but all in all- I really liked this dress. Well... we went to Mick and Schae's to pick them up and as I'm sitting in the back seat, I pull my dress down to cover my legs more... and RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Yep... split the fabric up past my bum. Luckily, still being in their driveway, I ran in (covering my bum) and borrowed a dress from Schae's friend Kimmie! Thanks for saving the day Kimmie!

Caleb and I in the "before dress"

Mom, Caleb and me in the "after dress"

And this is the beautiful new mixer that I got from my Mom and Dad. I opened it last night and it is just soooo beautiful. What a spoiled girl I am!

I had a great birthday and a fun visit from my mom! Thanks for coming Mom!


Tanya said...

the boys are so cute. and so are you in those adorable dresses...