Saturday, October 17, 2009

One more thing...

CB comes home today YAY!
(I really got used to him being home again- so I miss him already.
My tolerance must be down for band tours!)

Anyway, one of the last things he asked me before he left was to put away the clean clothes we had just washed. Well nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I finally put them away this morning. Yes, I'm a procrastinator, but it also has a lot to do with the long hours at work lately. When I get home, I just feel like eating and sitting on the couch. I find that I am much more motivated in daylight hours!

So I was inspired to reorganize my closet-- get rid of the clothes that no longer fit me and more specifically probably won't want to wear once they will again. I finally separated CB's clothes from mine again and got them back in the order I prefer:
Organized by sleeve length and color.

This is the only thing I took out of the experience of working retail for 6 months in college.
I also discovered I have a lot of black short sleeve tops- like 10.

Next step- getting matching hangers, so that everything is uniform. haha
I probably should've smoothed some shirts so that it looked better before taking the pic. :)


Bekah B. said...

It must be the season change :) We drove home yesterday from our SLC, Circleville, Vegas trip and I had Cole put shelves up, and re-organized everything, even my make up! A part of me is sad that Caleb is coming home, Cole leaves on tuesday :( Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

It looks like we were up to the same thing this week! (And Bekah, we bought new shelves too!) Must be something in the air~

The Linabooty's said...

Jerri would be proud!:)

I LOVE YOU said...