Friday, December 19, 2008

More Adventures in Aviation...

Earlier this month, on our way back from England, we were stuck on the plane for 5 hours while they changed the landing gear. We ended up being 5 1/2 hours late landing.
Last night, we arrived in St Louis 20 hours late!

Now that I have your attention, we set off to the Burbank Airport on Wednesday to catch our Burbank to St Louis via Las Vegas plane. We were really excited because Ashton was leaving from LAX and headed to Chicago, but was going to have a stop in Las Vegas at the same time and we were going to try to meet him there for a bite. Kind of funny.

Arriving in Burbank, we were told that our flight was delayed. I asked about if we could possibly miss our connection in Vegas. No, he said- that is also delayed. Ok, ok, we'll grab a $10 gross airport pizza and wait. Pretty soon, the amount of people standing in line at the gate desks and the overall commotion tipped us off that something was up. Turns out Las Vegas had a huge Ice/Snow storm and nothing was going in or out. They shut down the airport! Who knew that Las Vegas gets SNOW?! Our flight was cancelled.

Caleb got in the huge line to inquire and I got on the phone and we got booked on the next possible open flight for the next day (making sure it stopped in Phoenix instead!).

And here we are. With both our bags (they arrived separately, but most importantly- they arrived!) Safe and sound. Just 20 hours late.